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First Time Visitor to Las Vegas


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Looking for a Culinary Adventure?
First Time Visitor to Las Vegas
You will search high and low for the very best when it comes to feeding your passion. Food! Celebrity chefs, inventive cuisine and decadent meals are what you crave and Las Vegas is ground zero for that experience.

  • The Best Restaurants Period:

    • Where you have to Eat in Las Vegas – Visiting Vegas for the first time? You must try at least one of these places.
    • Best Burgers in Vegas – Watch sports in the middle of the day while having a burger and a beer. These places all have bars where you can waste away an afternoon while eating a good burger.
    • Romantic Restaurants – You’re in Las Vegas you might as well get romantic.

  • Best Place for Steak:

    • SW Steakhouse- Just go, get a reservation and go and experience the hospitality that Wynn Las Vegas offers. You will not be disappointed.
    • Carnevino Steakhouse will redefine your idea of steak. Prepare yourself to give up red meat after a trip to Carnevino because finding a better steak elsewhere might be impossible.
    • Delmonico- I have a mancrush on Emeril so I might be biased but I love the food at Delmonico. There I said it, I feel better now.

  • Wolfgang Puck in Las Vegas

    • Spago – Meatloaf, get the meatloaf, don’t think, just order it and make sure they have the port wine sauce.
    • Postrio– Sitting outside on the square you will delight yourself with Puck magic.
    • Trattoria Del Lupo – Pasta as you prepare yourself for an eveing in Las Vegas. Go easy on the garlic, you 'll want to meet some one later in the evening.

    Best cheap meals in Las Vegas

    • Oyster Bar at Penazzi- The seafood here is incredible and the price is so reasonable you will most likely eat here more than once.
    • Carnegie Deli– Split a sandwich with someone and you have a huge meal for next to nothing.
    • Cheesecake Factory– Huge portions that are begging to be shared. Plenty of bread and large glasses of iced tea make for a bargain of a meal.

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