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First Time Visitor to Las Vegas


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Looking to Gamble non-stop?
First Time Visitor to Las Vegas
Zeke Quezada
You double down, raise, throw the bones, bet on black, let it ride, check the spread, you do it all. You are the one who gets into town and starts making plans for the extra money that will soon reside in your pocket.

  • Hotels with casinos that make gambling comfortable:

    • Venetian Hotel Casino – High ceilings and comfortable chairs are off set by higher limits and a general luxury feeling. If you have the cash this is the place to play.
    • Bellagio Hotel – You feel like yo should be spending more at the Bellagio Casino so you have to be careful that you don’t get in over your head. The poker room is great for that kind of thing.
    • MGM Grand Casino - The casino is huge and you can find your favorite table games and slot machines. You might get lost but you will have fun.

  • Poker:

    • Binions Downtown Las Vegas – Even though the World Series of Poker is no longer played here it still is the kind of place that poker players have to experience. It’s cramped, it’s old and it feels like real poker.
    • Caesars Palace Poker Room – The room is plush, it’s spacious and the limits can get high but if ou win you are probably going to win big.
    • 7 places to play poker in Las Vegas - Check out a few more places to play poker in Las Vegas.

  • Low Limits Tables:

    • Downtown Hotels - If you are a fan of low limits downtown still caters to you.
    • Casino Royale is right on the strip and it is small, but they do have lower limit tables and the same atmosphere that downtown hotels have.
    • The Tropicana Hotel has has undergone some major renovations but still can offer decent games on lower limit tables.

    Slot Clubs:

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