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First Time Visitor to Las Vegas


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Looking for a Never Ending Party?
First Time Visitor to Las Vegas
Photo Courtesy of STK Las Vegas
You will most likely forgo sleep for a few days of testing the abilities of your liver. Oh, you will probably dance more than you have ever wanted. You will most likely be very flirtatious. You might even make a few bad decisions.

  • Hotels that will aid your late night endeavors:

    • Wynn Las Vegas gives you a high end approach to a nightlife scene that you will not soon forget.
    • The Luxor is looking a lot more like the place to have a drink, dance and create embarrassing moments that you cannot share with anyone else.
    • Harrah’s is the place to have a low cost night owl experience in Vegas.

  • Nightclubs in Las Vegas:

    • Tryst at Wynn is the spot where you'll meet someone new and then dance until it's time to watch th esun come up. Find a spot by the waterfall if you really don't want to listen to your new friend or grab a booth in a corner and get cozy.
    • LAX at Luxor is loud, large and exactly what you think about when you read the tabloids.
    • Pure at Caesars, the outdoor deck, the pretty people and the expensive drinks. You know you want to see it.

  • Bars to get you started

    Restaurants where the evening can get out of control

    • STK at the Cosmopolitan is an experience in a meal that borders on a club. There is a good chance that you'll mingle, dance or even flirt during the meal.
    • LAVO at the Palazzo will entice you with great food and then you'll head out to the outdoor patio for drinks and conversations before you head upstairs to the club
    • Tao at the Venetian is as much about cuisine as it is about late night action.

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