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Las Vegas Airport - Las Vegas McCarran Airport


Las Vegas McCarran Airport Basic Information
Las Vegas Airport - Las Vegas McCarran Airport

Flying to Las Vegas airport

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Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is located less than a mile from the Las Vegas Strip and virtually minutes from all Las Vegas Hotel and Casinos.

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Las Vegas McCarran Airport is the primary airport serving Las Vegas. Over 40 million people fly through the Las Vegas airport annually.

Las Vegas McCarran Airport
5757 Wayne Newton Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Las Vegas McCarran Airport Main Phone Number: (702) 261-5211
Lost and Found: (702) 261-5134

For more information you can visit the Las Vegas McCarran AirportWebsite.

Taxicabs are available outside of Las Vegas McCarran Airport on the east side of baggage claim, outside door exits 1-5. Las Vegas McCarran Airport personnel are available on the taxi curb to assist passengers.
Try splitting a cab with someone and you will easily save your self a few dollars. If you are really bold walk to the front of the long line and ask someone to split the cost. It always works
Las Vegas Airport info:

A ride to your hotel from the Las Vegas airport will cost you around $14 with downtown fares being slightly more. Shuttle services run to the strip for about $4 to $5. If you have six people you can pick up a limo and arrive in style. You can travel by bus to the strip for $1.50

Rental cars are also easily accessed from the terminal at Las Vegas airport but you should make sure you really want to spend the money on a rental car since most attractions on the Las Vegas strip are walking distance to each other.

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