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Seeking Out The Endless Summer in Las Vegas

It's Your Season in Las Vegas


Seeking Out The Endless Summer in Las Vegas
After all the light colored clothing is packed away and you begin to embrace fall there has to be a little of you that really wants to hold on to summer a little longer. If flip flops, shorts and the occasional late afternoon cocktail that turns into three are what you crave you can still get a little of that in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas exists in order for you to stretch the boundaries of reality so why not pack a bag and head out to the Las Vegas strip for some summer in fall or even winter pleasure.

But, Can I Work On My Tan In Las Vegas?

Yes, you can still work on your tan in Las Vegas, the temperatures are no longer in the high 90's they now are in the comfortable 70's.(Has the first frost arrived in your neighborhood?) Spend an afternoon at one of the heated pools on the Las Vegas strip. The Bellagio, the MGM Grand, ARIA and the Mandalay Bay have pools that are heated to a comfortable 82 degrees and open year round.

Celebrate like it's the middle of July by heading into Minus 5 at the Monte Carlo. Chilled vodka, warm fuzzy coat and a room made entirely of ice right off the Monte Carlo casino. You'll need a signature drink so try a Freezing Apple or an Avalanche. Make sure to get a picture so that your holiday greeting cards have a little Las Vegas flavor added to them.

If you want a little PUB fare you could try the Flatbread at Monte Carlo PUB or walk over to Crystals at Aria and attempt the 7 second beer challenge at Todd English PUB. Don't be embarrassed, in Las Vegas, you are expected to have too much fun regardless of the season.

The Meal That Will Define Your Season

If there is a way to capture the feeling of summer once the sunscreen is no longer on sale and the patio furniture is gone from the seasonal section of your local home improvement store, Olives at the Bellagio will reinvigorate you. Sitting on the patio with a view of the Bellagio fountains, snacking on Mediterranean inspired cuisine and sipping on a glass of wine should be your avenue to holding onto the magic of summer.

Olives will inspire you to be romantic, it will motivate you to grab a camera and will convince you to find someone to share those special moments in your life.

What I'm Drinking in Las Vegas In My Quest To Keep Summer Going

If you are seeking a little hot and cold experience try the Diego Martini Picoso and the Margarita Popsicle at Diego at the MGM Grand. While you’re there you might as well have some of the fresh guacamole that will make you feel like you are at a summer backyard BBQ. Have them add a little extra citrus, not only do I love it like that it makes my, it makes the second margarita taste even better.

If I was you I'd consider a before show drink at RM seafood, fun menu, great food and you'll embrace the changing seasons. The Backwoods Fiddler will remind you that the seasons are changing but the “The Gardner” and the “Tainted Love” will warm you like an Indian summer day.

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