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Can a Family Have a Good time in Las Vegas?


Question: Can a Family Have a Good time in Las Vegas?
While Las Vegas is no longer the family destination that it was trying to resemble 10 years ago it is still a place where families can go and stretch their vacation dollar. The recent economic downturn has made Las Vegas very affordable and in turn has created a market for the families looking for a budget vacation. Can your family have a good time in Las Vegas, you better believe it.
Answer: Picking a hotel for the family vacation in Las Vegas.
If you pick the wrong hotel you might end up walking through a casino your entire trip or having to explain the curious sounds coming from the next room over. I typically enjoy Las Vegas hotels that allow me to move my children easily from the check-in area to the room and the pool without a lot of contact with the casino. Am I hiding something? No, but the late afternoon drunks and the cigarette smoke are things I would rather do without.

Check out these kid friendly hotels in Las Vegas. Each offer diversions for the kids and often have good options for inexpensive eating with the entire family.

Feeding the family on a vacation in Las Vegas.
A major concern for vacation budgets is often food costs and when you are traveling with the entire family that number tends to explode. My kids eat like linebackers and I rarely enjoy the idea of an expensive meal with the four of us together. However, if you seek out a few deals you should be able to keep costs down and not starve the offspring while on a family vacation in Las Vegas.

Check these places out:

Entertaining the kids on a family vacation in Las Vegas.
The kids do not have to sit in front of a television in a small hotel room while you play nickel slots. With so much to do in Las Vegas you will find yourself exhausted at the end of the day and saving yourself from the one armed bandits.

Ways for the entire family to have fun in Las Vegas:

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