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The Best Pools in Las Vegas


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Flamingo Las Vegas Pool
The Best Pools in Las Vegas
You'll like what they are doing with the pool scene at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas because they get it. If you come to Las Vegas to have a true adult party you don't want a kid playing Marco Polo right next to you as you do your flirtatious stretches in the water. They have separated the crowd and the kids are on one side and the music and full blown party are in the big pool. If you have kids you go to the Flamingo Beach Club and if you are over 18 you head to the GO pool.

This Pool Is Perfect For... The kids will have fun on their side and the party people will have a great time at the GO pool. You'll hear loud music and see a lot of beer being served in a subdued party atmosphere. It's not a dayclub but it is a Las Vegas pool party.


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