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The Best Pools in Las Vegas


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Caesars Palace Las Vegas Pool
The Best Pools in Las Vegas
If you have ever taken a seat by the pool at Caesars Palace you know the feeling you get, you have experienced that sense of an impending event that might make your co-workers blush back home. You know what I'm talking about, flirtatious talk with the group of women nearby, the free drinks from the two guys you met while ordering a Mojito or the casual glance while watching that one person who has stirred up your adventurous side.

Las Vegas does that to you and what better place to do that than at the icon on the Las Vegas strip? Caesars Palace Las Vegas has expanded and revamped the Garden of the Gods pols and gardens. The entire complex has been given a makeover and you'll be stressed at the idea of not fitting in more time by the pool.

Why you'll be excited about the Garden of the Gods Pools and Gardens at Caesars Palace?

  • Five acres of sun worshiping space for the ultimate Las Vegas pool party
  • Eight swimming pools
  • An 18 foot waterfall that rims a pool designed specifically for swim up black jack
  • Cabanas, daybeds, love seat inspired scoop chairs surrounded by lush landscaping, fountains and statues.
  • My personal favorite reason to head to the Caesars Palace pool? Mojitos, very large and very tasty!

This Pool Is Perfect For...This where I would go if I was going to have a bachelor party in Las Vegas. Plenty of friendly adults mingling in the pool.

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