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The Best Pools in Las Vegas


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Mandalay Bay Pool - The Beach at Mandalay Bay
The Best Pools in Las Vegas

The Wave Pool at Mandalay Beach

Sand, surf, and all the sun you can handle. There is a reason why plenty of people call this the best pool in Las Vegas. The beach at the Mandalay Bay Hoteloffers a lazy river, lounging areas and plenty of opportunities to get your fill of the Las Vegas pool experience.


At the Mandalay Bay you'll get great food options, a hotel that is among the best in Las Vegas as well as entertainment and nightlife possibilities that should fill your schedule. When you are talking about the pool you will be stressed about not spending enough time with your feet in the sand or floating in the lazy river. Don't forget the huge wave pool and the cocktails and cabanas. That's right, you get the complete Las Vegas pool experience in one easy package at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

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My typical day at the Mandalay Bay pool always includes a few hours drifting in the lazy river. Your feet are submerged, your hands are wet and when the heat gets uncomfortable you slide off your raft and into the river to cool off. Hop back on and continue with your day. Excellence!

Later in the day you have your choice of spots to have an amazing culinary experience with restaurants such as Aureole, Strip Steak and Kumi. The Mandalay Bay resort is the complete package in a moderate to expensive package.

This Pool Is Perfect For...Everyone! This place is huge and the kids will love it as much as the adults. It's a big party but it is manageable.

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