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Attention to Detail at Encore Las Vegas


Attention to Detail at Encore Las Vegas
Encore is new, it’s elegant, it’s hip and it’s what Las Vegas is all about. 2000 plus rooms and it feels like your own very special place. It’s what Las Vegas grew up to be.

Walk around Encore and you get the open feeling that comes from the light that peeks in through the atrium, from the foliage that includes bright flowers and manicured trees and plants and from the friendly staff.

Encore will dazzle your taste buds with five restaurants that would be the cornerstone of any property. The Café at Society Café, Steak at Botero Steak, Asian at Wazuzu and an experience in dining at Switch.

Encore gets you a full service luxury hotel without the added dose of pretentious. People smile, people greet you and he feeling makes you want to experience all over and over again.

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