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Trump Hotel Las Vegas

Non-Gaming, Relaxation, Elegance and No Stress at Trump Hotel Las Vegas

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Trump Hotel Las Vegas

2012 About.com Readers Choice Award Nominee - Best Non-Gaming Hotel in Las Vegas

Search the web for a Las Vegas hotel and you will be challenged to find a hotel that delivers with customer service and elegance quite like Trump Hotel Las Vegas for a competitive price. If you are traveling with the family you can keep your kids from having to parade through the casino to get to your room and if you are traveling on business you can actually meet a client in the lobby. With Trump Hotel you get the best of Las Vegas while eliminating the little things that don't always work into your plan.

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What to expect at Trump Hotel Las Vegas:
If you are comparing this hotel to any other hotel in a major travel destination I would say that you should look for a deal and indulge in a little relaxation. In Las Vegas much of the draw is outside your hotel room. Therein lies difference with Trump Hotel Las Vegas . You will not have a casino that doubles as a lobby. You also will not have to deal with the crowds, the smoke filled corridors or the questionable behaviors of the party sect.

What you might like at Trump Hotel Las Vegas:
A higher set of standards when it comes to customer service is precisely what you'll expect and get at Trump Hotel. Business travel, family vacation or romantic retreat you'll notice very quickly how the hotel staff cares. Eye contact, courteous greetings and a sense that employees care about how your stay is going is the norm. This is not a casino hotel so the staff understands that you are there to enjoy the hotel and that makes a difference in Las Vegas.

What you might not like at Trump Hotel Las Vegas:
The journey to the strip and back is not far but late at night can be through a dark stretch of street. There are shuttles that pick up at the Forum Shops at Caesars and Wynn Hotel and that helps with that issue. It's not a major issue and the truth is if you are traveling with kids you most likely would not be out so late that you would not utilize the shuttle. This is no different than if you were staying in any of a number of hotels around the world.

The Pool at Trump Las Vegas

Photo by Zeke Quezada

My suggestion for Trump Hotel Las Vegas:
The secret to a relaxing vacation can be found at Trump Hotel. You get a pool where you will not be bombarded with the Las Vegas “daylife” scene. That spells relaxation. Get a spa treatment, indulge in the space of your suite and utilize Trump Hotel as your vacation from your vacation. At the end of the day when you return from your wild Las Vegas adventures you can return to a comfortable, elegant and quiet atmosphere.

Rooms at Trump Hotel Las Vegas:
1200 plus hotel rooms and 50 penthouse suites. I like space and the standard room at Trump Hotel Las Vegas is about as nice as you can get in Las Vegas at a price that will surprise you. For your money you will be getting far more than you would at most other moderate to luxury hotels on the Las Vegas strip. If you can stretch the budget I would opt for the one bedroom suite simply because the extra room is going to give you some space to stretch out and recharge your psyche. If you enjoy a good view ask for the strip view and your eye can wander all the way down the strip from your suite.

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Location: Trump Hotel Las Vegas:
2000 Fashion Show Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Adjacent to the Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip
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Contact the Trump Hotel Las Vegas: 866-646-8164
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Pictures of Trump Hotel Las Vegas:
Pictures of the pool at Trump Hotel Las Vegas
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One Bedroom Suite

Photo By Zeke Quezada

FYI - Right across the street at the fashion Show mall you have a huge dose of food options from good cheap alternatives to fine dining. The Wynn Las Vegas and it's enormous collection of restaurants is also 5 minutes from Trump Hotel.
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Entertainment: None.

Nightclubs, Lounges and Bars:
Lobby bar and lounge at DJT

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