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Las Vegas Hotels by Price

Find the right Las Vegas hotel for your budget


Las Vegas hotel rates vary so much throughout the year that it is not uncommon to pay $500 a night for a room that was just $100 the night before. Depending on the day of the week, the convention schedule, entertainment schedule and hotel occupancy, prices for Las Vegas hotels can be extremely absurd or perfect for the budget conscious traveler.

This scale is somewhat fluid as well as hotels tend to slide along from affordable to expensive with the season. Keep in mind that some hotels can be both affordable and luxury on any given day. Overall, they tend to fall within these categories.

Read some Las Vegas hotel reviews to help you make a decision.

These categories are also a bit tricky as what may seem affordable in Las Vegas often hovers at $100 a night. However, the best deals can be found in the moderate hotels where you get a nice property with prices ranging anywhere from $75 to $150. That’s not to say that some of the expensive hotels cannot be found at those rates it is just a matter of finding the right nights to plan your stay.

Also, value hotels can be found that charge as little as $45 per night and generally stay under $100 per night. These hotels are usually further North on the strip and are not the large mega-resorts that are becoming synonymous with Las Vegas accommodations. They are a great bargain and you can easily save yourself $100 per night if you do some good research.

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Find the right Las Vegas hotel for your budget:

Expensive hotels, usually starting over $120 per night

Moderate Hotels, usually starting over $70 per night

Value Hotels, usually starting over $45 per night

Also important to understand is that you can often get a better price for a Las Vegas hotel than by calling the hotel directly or checking their websites.

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Strip Hotels websites
Off-Strip Hotels websites

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