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Golf In Las Vegas: Where to Play

Where Will You Sink Your Putt?


Your game is one golf vacation away from being perfect, right? Of course it is, we are all one small tweak away from hitting Q-School and making our mark on the tour. That is the reason you should head to Las Vegas to make it happen. A few days of golf in Las Vegas is exactly what your golf game needs.

Part of the 100 Days of Fun This Summer in Las Vegas

1. Have The T-Mates Improve Your Las Vegas Golf Experience at Rio Secco

Find the fairway because the desert loves to swallow balls at Rio Secco Golf Course. Don't worry if you can't find it though because the T-Mates will gladly place your ball where you want it. The course is challenging but the setting is perfect for shot making and creative players.

2. Distract Your Golf Game in Las Vegas at Paiute

The views are almost as magnificent as the golf course. I have trouble concentrating so I'll get distracted by the Joshua trees and the mountain ranges but you'll find the fairways and greens to enhance your ability to talk trash while going real low on your Las Vegas golf vacation. It is a bit of a drive from the strip but you'll be rewarded with views that are the very best of Las Vegas golf.

3. Learn a Thing or Two About Golf in Las Vegas at TPC Las Vegas

Take a lesson with the TOUR Academy and you'll be ready for golf in Las Vegas at TPC Las Vegas. Just watch for the canyons and gulleys that seem to attract your ball and fray your nerves. The TOURAcademy is at TPC and you can center your Las Vegas golf vacation around improving our game.

4. Golf in Las Vegas at Bali Hai

The white sand in stark contrast to the bright green fairways tempt me to grab a drink with an umbrella but the greens invite me to play a few more rounds of golf in Las Vegas. This course is right on the Las Vegas strip so it is the very best in terms of convenience but it also serves up a good challenge for your game.

5. Shadow Ceek Golf Course Las Vegas

This is one of those golf courses that makes you forget that you are in Las Vegas. In fact it is as if you landed in golf land and nothing but golf exists. You'll have to be staying at an MGM Resort but one you play you'll be one of a select few that has been able to tee it up on this masterpiece in the desert.

6. Wynn Golf Course

The ultimate in luxury golf experiences in Las Vegas. You'll be treated very well by everyone. How the golf course treats you depends on how much you have practiced your patience. Start or end your round with a meal at the Country Club and you'll experience some great golf and fabulous food.

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