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TPC Las Vegas

I Hope You Brought Your Shot Making Ability To Las Vegas


TPC Las Vegas
Slice up the desert, moves some sand, build a hill, lay down some grass and you get a golf course that involves some precise shot making ability and impresses you with the scenery. TPC Las Vegas does it all and by the time you are done you’ll feel like you just went 15rounds with a beast. Add in a great learning center run by the PGA and you get a World Class golf experience along with a place to dunk a few balls into the desert.

At TPC Las Vegas you don’t ht the ball left or right. You hit the ball straight. As in straight to the green spot you see in the desert. This course doesn’t care how long you are, it cares how precise you are. It doesn’t reward you from the rough it makes you suffer. What TPC Las Vegas does do it gives you a lot of confidence when you battle gravity with your golf ball and find the fairways and greens of this oasis in the desert.

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TPC Las Vegas
2851 Grand Hills Dr.,
Henderson, NV 89052
Phone: (702) 777-2400

TPC Las Vegas Experience
This is the course that was formerly known as TPC Canyons and you’ll understand that when you take a shot over a deep ravine or look at the relief that that struggles to find level ground. The views are of the desert are contrasted by the well manicured fairways and the sight lines are dominated by the natural rolling features of the desert.

Do you need a golf lesson? Check out the TOURAcademy at TPC Las Vegas

TPC Las Vegas Hole Highlights
Hole 14, Par 4 356 Yards:
This is a relatively easy hole until you realize that you can’t se the deep canyon that fronts the green. The big dogleg right tempts you to unleash a big shot but you must resist the urge to be the big dog and play safe to the middle of the fairway. Take it from me and my three balls in the desert. It is better to play safe here. Hole 8, Par 4 433 yards:
This is a long hole that requires you to flirt with the bunkers on the right in order to have a manageable approach shot. Of course I went left and began searching in the wash for a ball that would never be found. I did however find about 8 others.

Hole 2, Par 3 184 yards:
Las Vegas in the background and a green slightly downhill. This is a pretty hole until you realize that going long means you end up in the desert and going short has your ball bouncing off rocks. Bailout right and you get a bunker that should keep your ball from finding the cacti.

TPC Las Vegas Insights
Beware of spots that fool you into believing that the fairways continue forever. You are in a desert and what you think is real might be a mirage. Use your scorecard and any local knowledge. I lost a few balls by running through the fairway into a canyon. By The 14th I felt like I needed a harness and some climbing rope just to retrieve my golf balls. You don’t need crampons to play this course but you have to work on placing your shot in the right spots. Target golf at it’s best.

Lessons at TPC Las Vegas
You'll appreciate the TOUR Academy at TPC Las Vegas as they can help your game in a day 2 days or a week. They offer plenty of options for the ultimate golf instruction experience.

TPC Las Vegas Specifics
Par 72
TPC – 7080 Yards
Blue – 6769 yards
Men’s Blended – 6336 yards
White – 6047 yards
Ladies Blended – 5527 yards
Red – 4963 yards

TPC Las Vegas Tee Times
Phone: (702) 256-2500
Website: http://www.tpc.com/tpc-las-vegas

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