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Rio Secco Golf Club Las Vegas


Rio Secco Golf Club Las Vegas
The sound is as good as it gets. The ball finds the bottom of the cup and the high fives begin. However, something is different.

Very different.

It is not a hug, but a tight squeeze. There is no emotion in it, instead it is more aggressive, as if the tighter and the closer this congratulatory demonstration of elation is, it will elicit a response from me.

"Kisses for eagles, but hugs for birdies!" The T-Mate shouts to the rest of the group

Each of my playing partners give me a long look as if they knew they would be on the receiving end of one of those long embraces before the end of the round. Me, well, I am kind of a germ freak so a hug from a complete stranger, even if she is very attractive, highly athletic and as limber as a gymnast does not entirely make me comfortable.

I pause, I pose with an uncomfortable smile for the camera, "Don't worry boys, I’ll sink a few more and spread the wealth. No more hugs for me, from here on out all off my good shots will benefit you guys"

My dilemma with the T-Mates is solved and my round at Rio Secco would continue.

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Rio Secco Golf Club Las Vegas
2851 Grand Hills Dr.,
Henderson, NV 89052
Phone: (702) 777-2400

Rio Secco Golf Club Las Vegas Experience
Personally, I Love the feeling of launching a ball over a canyon and watching as the white ball floats through the air with a background of rocks, boulders and desert only to land softy on a brilliant green fairway. Rio Secco offers canyons, washes, mini mesas and a thorough challenge for the golfer who enjoys some scenery with his round. Major elevation changes and fairways that slope into canyons and greens that force you to hold shot from spinning into oblivion.

This is the golf course that has you in the desert if your shot loses its way. Boulders devour your stray aim and approach shots that demand high level math. Trajectory, physics and a little luck make Rio Secco a fun, challenging and entertaining course.

Did I mention the T-mates to help you find your ball?

Do you need a golf lesson? Check out the TOURAcademy at TPC Las Vegas

Rio Secco Golf Club Las Vegas Hole Highlights
Hole 7, Par 3 208 Yards:
This is the Million Dollar Hole. Carry the lake and drop your ball on the right side of the ridge and you just could roll it in on one shot.

Hole 16, Par 4 398 yards:
I like the idea of being able to reach this hole in 2 shots but each time I play it the rocks get in the way. The green is framed by the relief of the canyon and your first shot cannot go long or left. Hit it straight and you have a clear shot in. Go slightly left and you are faced with a blind shot that is scary.

Hole 18, Par 5 634 yards:
This is a monster of a hole however there is ample space in the fairway for you to drop a huge drive. I nearly holed my third shot from a very large bunker off to the right. A little precision and my second would have arrived in two. The views from this hole of the mountains and the skyline remind you that you are in Las Vegas.

Rio Secco Golf Club Las Vegas Insights
The T-Mate program at Rio Secco is very Vegas but you should know that these girls do know a thing or two about the game of golf. They give you accurate yardage, they help you read your puts and they will find your stray ball. While they might be having fun and pretend to be flirtatious they simply act to make the round a bit more of an experience. They interact as much or as little as you want.

Phone: (702) 777-2400
Website: RioSecco.net

Rio Secco Golf Club Las Vegas Specifics
Par 72
Black – 7313 yards
Blue – 6927 yards
White – 6356 yards
Red – 5759 yards

Rio Secco Golf Club Las Vegas Tee Times

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