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Bali Hai Golf Course Las Vegas

See You In Paradise at Bali Hai


Bali Hai Golf Course Las Vegas
Bali Hai Golf Course Las Vegas

You might have to disregard the sound of an airplane or two. You might even have to contend with a little wind. You'll have to keep your shots in the fairway and your sand game better be polished. If you take that all into consideration I'm sure you'll be back at Bali Hai golf course looking to challenge your game.

The stark contrast between the bright white sand and the deep green grass makes me ponder my shot longer than I should. The palms in the distance make me long for a tropical paradise and the water running along the fairway makes me avert my eyes toward the brush on the left. Better to search for a ball on dry land than to lose it outright in the water.

The golf course is eye candy for the golfer who loves to frame his shots in the minds eye. If you cold put a price on scenery you would pay a little extra to play Bali Hai Golf Course (you will pay though as it can seem a bit expensive)

The beauty of Bali Hai Golf Course is its proximity to the Las Vegas strip. If you hit a wayward shot it is very possible you could land some where near the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. The views of the Mandalay Bay and the Luxor right down the center of the fairway make the extra drink from the roving drink cart seem natural. The fun factor turns up a notch when you know that Las Vegas is at the 19th hole.

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Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas
5160 South Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: (888) 427-6678

Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Experience
Personally, I like the feeling of being on vacation when I’m playing golf. I love looking down the fairway and framing a shot with the Las Vegas strip in the distance. It’s almost like I’m on a seaside course and the crashing waves are attempting to distract me.


Because Bali Hai Golf Course is on the south side of the Las Vegas strip you will not be spending a lot of time in transit from your hotel to the golf course. That is an important feature when you consider the cost of a shuttle and diner reservations. Gold is part of your vacation but in Las Vegas it does not have to be all of your vacation.

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Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Hole Highlights
Hole 1, Par 4 328 Yards:
Right from the start you’ll notice the palm trees everywhere and the ability to make a shot that gives you the best chance at success. This is a short hole and if you hit it long you could thread the needle and roll it up on the green. Instead pull out a long iron and land it in the center of the fairway and the place a wedge close for birdie. The white sand is everywhere on this hole and it will make you feel like grabbing your sunscreen and that umbrella drink.

Hole 9, Par 3 164 yards:
This is not a long hole and if the tees are up it is short. Real short. Tantalizingly approachable. It is so short it has you dreaming of an ace. I played it recently at 115. A soft wedge in to a dot of green surrounded by water and bright white sand. My first shot caught the wind and the water. My second shot sailed into the green side bunker. It’s not a difficult hole but it messes with your mind. Water on the left, the front and a giant hole of white sand behind the pin. Be careful, it’s feast or famine on this one.

FYI Hole 16 is very similar only more water and more head games. I’m just preparing you for the inevitable.

Hole 18, Par 4 466 yards:
This hole seems long and the truth is it is the longest par 4 on the course. If you go right at any point you have to contend with water and sand in your line of sight. Stay too far left and the palms are distracting. You have to drop the ball in the center and then you only have to look at a little bit of water as you approach the long green. One thing, do not go long as the bunker behind the green will prevent your ball from going any further but it will force you to make a great shot coming back.


Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Insights
The water along the left side at 11 is as clear as you would see on a course in the Dominican Republic and the wind can get aggressive like you see in West Maui. This course does place you in situations where you question if in fact you are in Las Vegas.

Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Specifics
Par 71
Black – 7002 yards
Gold – 6601 yards
Silver – 6156 yards
Bronze – 5535 yards

Bali Hai Golf Club Las Vegas Tee Times
Phone: (702) 450-8000
Website: http://www.balihaigolfclub.com/



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