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Mob Attraction Las Vegas at the Tropicana Hotel

Get Made or Get Whacked at the Mob Attraction Las Vegas

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Mob Attraction Las Vegas at the Tropicana Hotel

The Counting Room at the Mob Attraction Las Vegas

Honestly, I didn't know that I would have been interacting with real actors. If I knew that I would have brought my "A" game voice skills. Instead, I used my real voice as I made my way around the attraction and tried to become part of the family.

I can only tell you that my mission was simple and you would think it would have been easy to become a "made" guy but some things just don't turn out that way. Sometimes bad things happen to good guys who get mixed up in serious situations. I might have gotten whacked, but I was engaged and intrigued by the entire experience.

Are you thinking, “What?” Yeah, the Mob Attraction Las Vegas at the Tropicana does that to you. It is an interactive attraction that has you walking and talking like a real life member of the mob. It's fun, intriguing and a great way to be entertained in Las Vegas.

Location: Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas
3801 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702 -739-2662

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Hours for the Mob Attraction Las Vegas: Open Daily. 10am - 9pm (last ticket sold at 8pm)

Bugsy Siegel's Living Room at the Mob Attraction Las Vegas

Description of the Mob Attraction Las Vegas:
The Mob Attraction at the Tropicana Hotel is both an interactive tour and a museum. You'll start by getting a real life dose of what it is like to enter the world of organized crime. You might even be sent on a mission that will determine your fate. You might meet the boss or get questioned by a "guy." You will have fun and you will learn a few things about what the mob did to help make Las Vegas the city we experience today.

As you begin your journey through the Mob Attraction you’ll instantly be surprised by how well the actors play their roles. They do not break character and you will be tempted to try out your own acting skills. Make your way through the back streets of the “Old Neighborhood” and meet a few people that can help you improve your status in the family or risk the inevitable meeting with the boss.

The Mob Attraction Las Vegas is not only an interactive experience it also is a museum with some never before seen artifacts and memorabilia from some of the mobs most notorious personalities including Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky.

The technology employed in the exhibits allows you to seek out information on organized crime, its history and the vital players involved in its role in the formation of the present day Las Vegas strip.

Tickets for the Mob Attraction Las Vegas:
Adults – $33
Children (ages 6 – 11) – 418
Children (under age 6) – FREE
Seniors (65 and older) – $30
Military (with ID) – $30
Locals – $18

NOTE: When looking for the Mob Attraction Las Vegas in the Tropicana Hotel you’ll need to be a little patient and the desire to walk across the hotel to find it. Walk through the casino and look for the signs that direct you up some escalators and across a walkway that has windows looking out to the pool. It might feel like you are going the wrong way but don’t worry you’ll get there soon enough and it will be worth it. You should pass Bacio on the right and head right past the spa before you get to the escalator that takes you to the Mob Attraction.

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