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Bar Masa Las Vegas


Fine Japanese Cuisine at Chef Masayoshi Takayama's Bar Masa
Bar Masa Las Vegas

Kanpachi Jalapeno with Fried Potato Julienne at Bar Masa

Courtesy of MGM Mirage
Walk into the main dining room and the feeling of space is prevalent. The polished concrete floors and the natural light give the room an urban feel and lend to the casual yet elegant atmosphere. It’s as if Chef Masayoshi Takayama has invited you to his New York City loft and he has prepared a few things for you to try.

If only you were so lucky.

To listen to the Chef discuss his food and the importance of quality ingredients you can understand why the quality is so high and why the flavors explode from the food. Great chefs have a passion for food that you can taste and Bar Masa is no different as you can clearly sense the attention to detail and the inclusion of top notch ingredients.

What you should try at Bar Masa at ARIA Resort at CityCenter Las Vegas:

  • Toro Tartare with Caviar – Yes it’s just raw fish but you will swear it has been pulled out of the ocean in Heaven.
  • Kobe Skewers with Yuzu Spice – If you need some beef the tender chunks of Kobe will make you believe in the idea of a stress free environment for cows.
  • Did I mention that the greatest fried chicken on the planet is found in a Japanese restaurant in Las Vegas?
  • Kobe Beef and Garlic Fried Rice – I’m a sucker for rice dishes and the right amount of garlic takes me over the edge.
  • Kanpachi Jalapeno with Fried Potato Julienne – This is so tasty and refreshing you’ll want to order more, relax, there are other items on the menu just as worthy.

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