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Las Vegas Hotel Reviews - Flamingo Las Vegas Review by Reader Bonnie

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Visited May 2007

Pro: Lovely, spacious, quiet rooms. Beautiful pools with waterfalls, a lazy river, which was not in operation when we were there because of a lack of lifeguards. Attentive staff. We had a very pleasant stay.

Con:One of the only fault s I could find was a boring casino. Table games appeared to be okay, but slots were the reel type. Very few animated computer generated type. More casinos are within easy walking distance. The mattress on my bed was too hard. I realize this is a personal preference, but it is an important one.

The hotel was worth the money. We could get welcome rest after very active days and evenings on the Strip. Bathroom was clean, with the usual amenities offered. We appreciated the small safe in the room as well. Location is also important to us, since we like to walk to many of the nearby hotels and businesses. (Flamingo is across the street from Caesars Palace). The nature habitat was a pleasant feature. Meandering streams contained fish, turtles and several species of birds, including flamingo, of course. Would I return? In a heartbeat!

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