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Need A Las Vegas Hotel?

The Guide to Hotels in Las Vegas


What is the best Las Vegas hotel? If you're right on the strip you most likely will be walking distance to just about anything you could possibly want in Las Vegas. However, it's the little things that matter when trying to find the hotel that work best for you. These hotels each have that special something that make them some of the best on the Las Vegas strip.

However, if you want a general overview of what is available we have all of that information as well. You've heard about all the great Las Vegas Hotels and you want to experience them or you just want a new place to spend your Las Vegas vacation. I understand. I have slept in every hotel on the Las Vegas strip more times than I can remember so I can help you decide on the right hotel for your vacation.

The Quick Links to Las Vegas Hotel Information

  • Where to stay in Las Vegas - This page will help you narrow down your choices when trying to select the right Las Vegas hotel.
  • Luxury Las Vegas Hotel - I love a real nice hotel. The towels are fluffy and the beds practically kidnap you.
  • Non-Gaming Hotels - If you need a hotel but you don't need a casino these hotels work great and they are all on the Las Vegas strip.
  • Family Friendly Las Vegas Hotels - Take the kids to Vegas but keep them in a spot where they can have the most fun. The kid friendly hotels are perfect for that. How do I know that? I have two kids who were forced to spend plenty of time in these places.
  • Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas - Saving money in Las Vegas does not mean you have to stay in a dump. These hotels will make you happy and save you some cash.
  • Pictures of Las Vegas Hotel rooms - Need to see the rooms before you check in? Me too.

1. ARIA Las Vegas

Aria Las Vegas is right on the Las Vegas strip in the CityCenter complex. It's right next to Bellagio Las Vegas and Cosmopolitan Hotel. Inside you'll find arguably the best collection of restaurants of any resort on the Las Vegas strip. The rooms are modern, the casino is spacious and the nightlife options are plentiful

Highlights at ARIA Las Vegas:
Zarkana | The Spa at ARIA | Pictures | HAZE | The Pool

2. Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

I often question if I'm cool enough to stay at the Cosmopolitan. I guess if I have to ask the question I should figure the answer is no but I do anyway. You'll find me on my terrace taking too many pictures with my phone just to make my friends jealous on Facebook. I'll tweet from my table with a view at Comme Ca and just as I have my fifth drink at the pool I'll call my wife to tell her how hard I'm working. The Cosmopolitan has the hot nightclub, the superior restaurants and the epic location to make your Vegas getaway perfect.

Highlights at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas:
Secret Pizza | Art in the Garage | Pictures | Marquee Nightclub | The Pool

3. Palazzo Las Vegas

Photograph © 2008 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc

If you consider the incredible restaurants alone the Palazzo would be at the top of most lists of best hotels in Las Vegas. Ad in sister property Venetian and you have two of the very best hotels ready for you to redefine what your best Las Vegas vacation looks like. The cost factor must be included this resort can be a bit pricey. The rooms are spacious and the endless attractions on the property make this the right destination if you feel like you never want to leave the resort. Venetian is right next door and is a sister property of the Palazzo so you share some amenities. You get it all at these two excellent retreats from your hectic life.
Why it is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas: For me the Prestige level at the Palazzo is simply the best way to do Vegas. Breakfast in the morning, cocktails in the afternoon and a place to relax all day. Bouchon is epic, Carnevino makes steak decadent and Fusion Mixology makes me want to learn the chemistry of a cocktail

Highlights at Venetian and Palazzo:
Fusion | Prestige Level | Pictures | LAVO | Public House

4. Bellagio Las Vegas

Photograph © 2008 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
I won't lie, it's nice but it will cost you. Is it the great place every likes to think it is? Yes. It's expensive, the food is expensive and the gambling is expensive. If you have the cash, stay here, if you don't, walk through the place and smell the money. If you have money to burn, eat at any of the fabulous restaurants and play no-limit hold em against the pros in the poker room.
Why it is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas: Forget that it is so classy you feel like you should shower the second you walk downstairs. It's nice, very nice. Think about the food at Le Cirque, Cirque Du Soleil, The Fountains out front and the gardens inside and you are close to understanding Bellagio. Should I mention HYDE Las Vegas?

Highlights at Bellagio Las Vegas:
Le Cirque | Bellagio Spa | Pictures | HYDE Bellagio | The Pool

5. Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Photograph © 2007 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
Yeah, you can't have a list without Caesars on it. The Forum shops gives you great people watching and good eating. The restaurants inside Caesars are incredible and the rooms are still large by Las Vegas Hotel standards. The pool area is huge and they attend to every detail. This is a Las Vegas Hotel the way it should be.
Why it is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas: It's an icon but that is only the reason Celine Dion and Elton John love the place. Don't forget the food from Old Homestead Steakhouse to Central to Beijing Noodle No. 9. Oh and the pool is amazing and you can shop until your wallet is busted at The Forum Shops.

Highlights at Caesars Palace Las Vegas:
Absinthe | Qua Baths and Spa | Pictures | Serendipity 3 | The Pool

6. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Photograph © 2008 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
I'm in love with this place. The food is great, the rooms are spacious, the pool reminds me of the Himalayas and the atmosphere is all fun. This is possibly the best pool in all of the Las Vegas hotels. It also has some of the best food of all Las Vegas hotels. Have a drink at Red Square or catch a show at the House of Blues.
Why it is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas: Yes, the pool is amazing but I like the beer at Burger Bar, the sharks at Shark Reef and the way Michael Mina treats a steak at Stripsteak. The rooms are spacious and the floor to ceiling windows with views of the strip make me very happy.

Highlights at ARIA Las Vegas:
Shark Reef | The Spa | RiRa Irish Pub | Burger Bar | The Pool

7. Encore Las Vegas

Photograph © 2008 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc

High end and a list of Las Vegas hotels without the Wynn would have less credibility unless you factor in the price. Wynn Las Vegas is not cheap, however, neither is the Ritz Carlton Kapalua Bay in Maui and we can dream about that place, right. If you think you want it, they most likely have it at Wynn. If you want a vacation where you feel pampered, special, elegant and completely taken care of, you can get it at Wynn. It's the complete package, the ultimate experience. At Encore you get the same customer service with a bit more of a personal touch.

Why it is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas: These days the nightlife makes it one of the best but I still love the rooms at Encore, brunch at Wynn and drinks at Parasol Down.

Highlights at Encore Las Vegas:
Wazuzu | The Spa at Encore | Pictures | XS | Encore Beach

8. Monte Carlo Resort and Casino

Photo Courtesy of MGM Mirage
You will not find this Las Vegas Hotel on many top ten lists but let me explain. If you have children it's great. If you play poker it's convenient. The pool is nice and the rooms are decent and it's a bargain. Best hotel on the Las Vegas strip if you have kids but you don't want to stay at Disneyland like Circus Circus or Excalibur.
Why it is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas: If you have a family you'll be so excited about the pool. If you love beer you'll fall in love with the Pub. If you love large rooms you'll stay up top at Hotel 32. Need more reasons?

9. Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Resort

Photograph © 2008 Zeke Quezada, licensed to About.com, Inc
With a center strip location, great rooms and extremely nice people, this Las Vegas Hotel is the perfect place to stay if you don't feel like sleeping in the gutter after a long night out. I cannot say enough good things about the Paris as it seems as if they try harder to make themselves better than the rest. Dinner at Mon Ami Gabi and then peek out over the Las Vegas Valley from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
Why it is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas: Gordon Ramsay has a steakhouse at Paris, the view from the plush rooms look right out onto the Eiffel Tower and the center strip location will make you very happy. However, get a fruity, sweet drink at Sugar Factory and you'll be even happier.

10. MGM Grand Las Vegas

Courtesy of MGM grand
I love to eat and they love to cook. The casino is huge at over 100,000 sq. feet, they have a huge pool, great restaurants and they give you $1000 just for checking in. Well, they don't really but it feels like they do. All I would say is that you try to get a room close to the elevator because you could be forced to walk a great distance if not. One of the largest Las Vegas hotels on the Strip.
Why it is one of the best hotels in Las Vegas: The rooms have just been renovated and L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon is possibly the best restaurant in town and you are so close to it. Don't forget the pool, the bars and the fabulous location.

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