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7 National Parks To Visit From Las Vegas


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Road Trip to Arches National Park in Utah From Las Vegas
Double Arch at Arches National Park

Double Arch at Arches National Park

Photo by Zeke Quezada

Arches National Park from Las Vegas
471 miles – 7.5 hours of driving or 523 miles – 8 hours
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Arches National Park is one of those natural wonders that make you stand, staring with your mouth wide open. The arches set upon the blue skies and the wide open spaces are simply mesmerizing. You feel like you could walk forever or climb forever. Some of the best arches are literally 5 minutes from your car while others are 5 miles, it's that type of place where you can really get a feel for the geology of the American Southwest.

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The hikes are numerous and spending some time in Moab, Utah is also worth the 8 hours in the car.

How is the drive from Las Vegas to Arches National Park?
Personally, I like the route that takes me through Capitol Reef National Park and along Escalante Canyon. It is a little longer but you’ll see so much sandstone that you’ll be able to identify the stratigraphic columns of the Kaibab formation…wait, let’s not get technical. You’ll see some amazing rock structures that will fill the memory on your digital camera and leave you seeking long trails and color changing sunsets.

Things To See Driving from Las Vegas to Arches National Park
Capitol Reef National Park
Zion National Park
Grand Staircase - Escalante Monument
Moab, Utah
CanyonLands National Park

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