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Pictures of the FAB Rooms at Flamingo Las Vegas


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The New Look of the Flamingo Las Vegas in the FAB Rooms
Pictures of the FAB Rooms at Flamingo Las Vegas
There is a classic look to the new FAB rooms that remind me of the days of less is more. I like the new uncluttered look. The carpet is gone and the feel of a spacious loft is introduced.

I wish the restrooms were bigger and there is still a hint of the old Flamingo scent in the hallways but overall the new look is one you'll enjoy. It also is different from what everyone else is doing with their remodels. So many properties go in and change things into a different variation of what every one else is doing. Flamingo went without carpet and some more space and I applaud that.

If you consider the cost of the room and the options for food and entertainment the Flamingo Las Vegas rises pretty far up the Las Vegas hotel food chain.

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