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Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

New Rooms and a Fun Atmosphere For a Great Price at Flaminog Las Vegas

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Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
The rooms have been renovated and the entire property has slowly went through a transformation. New restaurants, great shows and a sprawling pool area make the Flamingo Las Vegas the type of place you'll stay at over and over. Carlos N Charlies just opened and you know that Parrot Heads love Margaritaville.
What to expect at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino:

The Flamingo Las Vegas with over 3500 rooms seems a bit confused when you look at a resort map but you can overlook that because for the price you get a center strip hotel that has all the amenities that the mega resorts have.

Wait, the new FAB rooms are a must see at the Flamingo Las Vegas. These rooms might make you a regular in the middle of the Las Vegas strip.

The Flamingo Las Vegas is where the modern Las Vegas era began and it is still visible in a casino that is right up against Las Vegas Blvd. Plush gardens have sprouted behind the large hotel towers and you'll encounter wildlife that is different than the spring break crowd.. Walk among the ducks, the fish and of course the flamingos and forget you are right on the Las Vegas strip

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What you might like at the Flamingo Las Vegas:

The location is perfect for walking to all the major casinos and the monorail. The newer towers at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino have inexpensive rooms that offer space and updated décor. The older towers look a bit more worn however; they are usually cheaper as well(NOTE: Recently renovated). The pool area is large and easily competes as one of the best on the strip and it has a separate family area where kids have access to the slides without the beer can holding patrons competing for space.

What you might not like at the Flamingo Las Vegas:

The Flamingo Casino is small and on a busy night it’s possible that you might not find a blackjack table. There will be a long wait to check-in and then you must make your way through a maze of corridors to get to your room. The room though usually is nice and affordable. The limits at the tables are not absurd.

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My suggestion for the Flamingo Las Vegas:

I know it’s not the real thing but Margaritaville gives me a sense of being stranded on the Florida Keys with nothing but alcohol and music. Spend an afternoon there and enjoy the art of doing nothing. The pool area will keep you in the sun for longer than you thought possible and you have to see George Wallace and Nathan Burton in the showroom.

Location: Flamingo Hotel and Casino
3555 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109
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Contact: 1-800-732-2111

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Rooms at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino: 3600+ rooms in what seems like 12 towers but really is only three. A general rule to follow is the newer the tower the bigger the room and the better the accommodations. However, prices do go up with the quality. The décor is right on the cusp of tacky Las Vegas and I love that. Prices generally are just below $100 per night. However, if a big convention is in town the prices go up to around $150. It is not unheard of though to get a weekday rate of around $70 per night.

Pictures: Pictures
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Pictures of the Flamingo Pools
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Restaurants at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino:., Beach Club, Margaritaville, Paradise Garden Buffet, Pink Bean, Carlos n Charlies, Center Cut Steakhouse, Hamada of Japan, Food Court
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Entertainment: George Wallace, Donnie and Marie, Vinnie Favorito, X Burlesque
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Nightclubs, Lounges and Bars: Three Bars
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Casino/Sports Book: Yes

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User Reviews

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 2 out of 5
Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas, Member jsdubay123

My wife and I stayed at the Flamingo and at first we almost left but it was 1AM and we had just drove 500 miles. The room smell as if it was a smoking room even though they said it wasn’t. The bathroom door veneer was peeling off. The tub looks so old with mold around the edge. But we figure we would be there for four days and that how much time where we really planning to stay in the room. Well after we packed at the end of our stay we went to our car where it had been all of the time in the garage where I had been instructed to park. When we got to the car we notice as we walked up our windshield was broken so bad that glass had chip my paint and was spread all over the interior. When I called the security people all they said was that are not responsibly even though they told me to park in the garage. I went to the office to file a report and all they did was to hand me a phone book and gave me no help. When you are staying in a city that you do not know it is the worst feeling that if damages like that happen and no one care how safe is it for your wife or daughter to walk around and how much do they cover up. Be careful if you stay in the Flamingo. For my wife and I saw four security people lift up a big motorcycle that had been pushed over on the car that was parked next to it, which was about five cars down from mine. After they left I went over and looked and both the car and motorcycle had scratches over them. We realize what they were doing was hoping nobody would notice even though they take nor responsibility of what damages happens in the parking lot. So I am now out over $600 for my damages and the Flamingo just blows me of.

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