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Where Do You Take The Kids In Las Vegas?

Family Vacation in Las Vegas?


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If you are planning that trip to Las Vegas and you are wondering where to take the kids this should give you an idea of the kind of money you will spend while entertaining the offspring. I have two children and I have a tendency to spend my share of time on the Las Vegas strip.

Important to note, if you are looking to be frugal while in Las Vegas consider the choice of hotel when making a decision on your Las Vegas vacation. Do a little research and compare room rates before booking. Saving a few extra dollars helps when the kids are in tow.

My two kids enjoy:

Any of these family attractions usually work for kids: Family attractions

The kids can also enjoy arcades and games at:

  • NY/NY- With a roller coaster and plenty of modern arcade games you might have as much fun as the kids.
  • Gameworks - Located next to the MGM Grand Hotel this large arcade offers plenty of games and big screens that keep the adults as well as the kids entertained.
  • Excalibur - My kids tend to leave the midway at Excalibur with far too many stuffed animals. Our last trip netted a guitar, two frogs and an over sized basketball.

At the Forum Shops at Caesars you can visit the talking statues as well as the giant fish tank. They have motion machine rides there as well.

Part of the 100 Days of Fun This Summer in Las Vegas

Cheap Vacation

Of course if you're looking to have a "Cheap Vacation", that is a relative term in Las Vegas because it all depends on if you include your gambling budget in your overall cost. I will assume that your budget for kids activities is different than your gambling budget.

Food for the Kids
I guess you have to feed the kids so why not the ever convenient food courts. In Las Vegas food courts can be quick, easy and cheap. The Venetian has plenty of options for your children at reasonable prices.

If your kids are into sandwiches this could be your best bet for cheap meals. Try the Carnegie Deli at the Mirage Order one sandwich and the entire family eats a decent meal. Is that stretching the budget enough?

If you need a restaurant where you can take the kids you might want to try Margaritaville(I know it might not be the best place for kids with alcohol and sailing music, your already in Las Vegas you know) They have a good kids menu and these giant pirates come around and make balloon animals for the kids. If the adults stay away from the Margarita's you might get away for a decent price.

Check out some more Family Friendly restaurants

Looking for a place to stay?

Here is a quick look at cheap hotels in Las Vegas.
Need a few ideas on on saving money on a cheap vacation to Las Vegas?
Need a Travel Deal to Las Vegas? This is your resource for comparing prices and options when planning a trip to Las Vegas.

Here are a few more ways to save money on your family vacation:

Cheap hotels in Las Vegas

The Flamingo is centrally located and a good place to stay. I don’t usually recommend it as a good family hotel because if your children like the arcade games it is a walk to the south strip where the hotels that still cater to families exist. However, good deals can be found at the Flamingo Las Vegas so it should be considered. During the summer the pool is a great way to entertain the kids

I usually like the Monte Carlo for families because it is nice, relatively inexpensive and it has fast food in their food court. McDonald's, Pizza, salads, Starbucks. The Monte Carlo Pub and Brewery has a decent kids menu.

Across the street are the theaters, Gameworks and more fast food at the MGM Grand. Next door is the NY/NY and their arcades, roller coasters and virtual reality games. They also have a food court that is not so cheap fast food but lower cost good food. You are also steps from the Excalibur and the Luxor and each have places to entertain the kids.

Childcare in Las Vegas

As for childcare, yes some hotels offer childcare and in the summer you can find the higher end resorts will have a kids club or two. I would suggest that you find the hotel you will stay at and then ask them for references. I never feel comfortable recommending a place to leave your children because I just never feel comfortable leaving my children with complete strangers. I’m neurotic!

However, I have friends who swear by it and love the idea of getting a few hours of free time with their children in their own room with hired help from the hotel.

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