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Bonnie Springs Old Nevada

A Day Trip from Las Vegas


Bonnie Springs Old Nevada

Location: Off the Las Vegas strip
1 Gunfighter lane
Blue Diamond, NV

Phone: 702-875-4191

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Hours at Bonnie Springs Old Nevada: 10:30 am - 5:00 pm

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Description of Bonnie Springs Old Nevada:

An old western town in Red Rock Canyon 16 miles west of Las Vegas with a motel, petting zoo, shops, activities and western shootouts. If you want to see what the real Las Vegas was like this is your chance. The kids should have some fun and you might just learn a little something about the old west.

There is a petting zoo as well as a few ducks and some turtles who enjoy being fed. This is a good afternoon of fun if you are seeking a diversion from the usual Las Vegas strip attractions.

Bonnie Springs even has a chapel where you can get married in a tiny chapel, Old West style.

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While you are at Bonnie springs you can also visit Red Rock canyon.

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