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The Art of Edu-tainment in Las Vegas

Educate and Entertain Your Kids in Las Vegas


The Art of Edu-tainment in Las Vegas
It’s that time again where you begin the stressful attempt at planning a family vacation. You look at your checkbook and you realize that now that the kids both need a seat on the airplane it’s going to cost more. You also want to finally pry the video games from their hands and introduce them to a little culture and possibly educate them a little while on vacation.

Is it possible? It’s possible in Las Vegas and for far less than the Louvre in Paris, the Opera House in Sydney, the Rain Forests of Belize or the beaches in Maui. Educate, entertain and embrace some quality time with your kids.

Before you say it, I’m going to give you a list of hotels that will keep your kids pretty much removed from the casinos. These family friendly spots are all non-gaming hotels in Las Vegas that can get you access to a casino but do not offer any gambling.

How will you keep the kids entertained in Las Vegas?

  • Adventuredome at Circus Circus - Just take it easy on the rollercoaster, Kaos and the head splitting inverter. The kids will have a great time but the adults will be seeking an antacid.
  • Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts - Educate and Entertain - The gallery is just large enough to impress and small enough to keep the kids interested. The exhibits change so be sure to check their site to make sure the art is age appropriate.
  • Bellagio Gardens and Conservatory - This free attraction is fun if your kids have the patience to take a look at the little things that are done well. The details in the displays are amazing and the best thing is that it does not cost you a dime to look at everything.
  • Bodies: The Exhibition at Luxor - Educate and Entertain - Walk your kids through this impressive look at human anatomy. Do not make the mistake of thinking your kids are not ready to see the inside of a real life cadaver. My five year old son enjoyed the exhibit and I did my best to explain as much as possible while allowing him to listen to the Audio Tour that is specifically designed for kids.
  • Car Collection at Imperial Palace - Educate and Entertain - History through the eyes of the automobile industry. This collection gives kids a good look at some classic cars and the history behind them.
  • CityCenter Art Collection - Educate and Entertain - This public art collection is situated around CityCenter and your kids will spend a great deal of time walking with you discussing the various pieces found out in the open. Pick up a guide at the Aria concierge and take a walking tour of the art.
  • El Dorado Canyon Tour - Educate and Entertain - The excavation of gold from the canyon in this area is filled with history of the Wild West and the early days of southern Nevada.
  • Grand Canyon National Park - Educate and Entertain - This giant hole in the ground is pretty impressive and it’s a decent drive from the Las Vegas strip with plenty to see. The visitor’s centers are a good place to start your adventure.
  • Indoor Skydiving - This is pure fun, get in the wind tunnel with your kids and experience the feeling of flying. They will be so excited after this they will not stop talking to you.
  • Red Rock Canyon - Educate and Entertain - So close to the strip with plenty of opportunities for hikes and fascinating mini lectures about geology, fauna and the environment.
  • Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay - Educate and Entertain - Anytime you can touch something it is worth a visit. The audio tour makes the visit a bit more educational but simply watching the sharks with your kids is fun.
  • Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage - Educate and Entertain - Get your dose of wildlife and check out the interactions between dolphins and their caretakers.
  • Titanic - The Artifact Exhibition at Luxor Las Vegas - Educate and Entertain - This exhibition is fascinating and intriguing when you are allowed to put a few names and some faces to a story that most of us have heard. Your kids may or may not want to go on a cruise after this.
  • Zion National Park - Educate and Entertain - This is a shorter drive than the Grand Canyon and for me far more impressive. The sandstone cliffs are awesome and the hikes are far more reasonable.

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