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Wazuzu at Encore Las Vegas


Explore Your Idea of Asian Cuisine at Wazuzu at Encore Las Vegas
Wazuzu at Encore Las Vegas
If you are going to start a meal with a drink there is very little chance you can go wrong when you decide on a Wazuzu Smash, Skyy Vodka, Orchid Mango Liqueur, freshly muddled pineapple, yuzu, calpico and ginger syrup all combine to get this Las Vegas meal off to the right start.

Wazuzu is located right off the casino floor at Encore and the sounds of Las Vegas add to the atmosphere in the dining room. Choose a table with a view of the casino and the action inspires your appetite to crave the spicy dishes, opt for a table against the back wall and have a conversation and let the night dictate its own version of spicy.

If you need inspiration in your dining endeavors Wazuzu will give it to you. Chef Jet Tila has created an inventive menu that will allow you to travel through the culinary paths of a few Asian countries and impress you throughout the journey.

A few things you have to try at Wazuzu at Encore Las Vegas:

  • Chef Matsu Special - Seared Tuna, micro mixed salad, chili ginger,and green scallion oil. The tuna is so incredibly flavorful because the sauce escorts it onto your taste receptors. Share this appetizer at Wazuzu before you move into the good stuff.
  • Tom Yum Goong Soup - Hot, sour and spicy prawn soup with shimenji mushrooms - It's a Thai soup with a kick of Thai peppers and salt. A small bowl is not enough but you must refrain because there are so many other incredible things on the menu.
  • Roti Panang - Panang chicken curry with Indian flat bread - The chicken alone is simple curry that is not overbearing, place the chicken and the sauce on the flat bread and you have the most delightful finger food you have had in a while. There is a tiny amount of spice but it is subtle, just enough to feel the kick but not enough to be alarmed by it. This is a Wazuzu dish that will soon take over my ability to think rationally.
  • Crispy Fish with Thai Herbs - You need to order this because the way the chef has used the mango salad to extract flavor from the trout will delicately have you craving fish for the rest of your stay. The flavors will stimulate you.
Just the tip of the iceberg, the food at Wazuzu is meant to be savored by the individual who can appreciate the artistry of cooking. Ingredients that are paired with each other as a means of complementing the extraordinary flavors possible in fine Asian cooking are exactly what you'll find at Wazuzu at Encore.

Wazuzu is more than a meal, it is an education in eating.

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