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Pictures of the Rooms at Encore Las Vegas

The Restroom at Encore Las Vegas


Pictures of the Rooms at Encore Las Vegas
The rooms are elegant with a very modern feel. The automation of the lights, drapes and privacy settings right from the bedside are a huge plus. The furnishing are very tasteful and the room is very spacious. You'll enjoy the room so much that you'll find yourself wanting to relax in the room instead of wanting to go out and experience Las Vegas.

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The rooms at the encore are 700+ square feet of luxury and comfort. The desk in the room is convenient if you feel you have to work and pay for an internet connection. The HDTV is on a swivel so there is a draw back of only being able to watch the television from either the bed or the sitting area. If two people are looking to watch different things they will have to go into the restroom for that. Is that reason to complain, no, the Encore provides a luxurious option to staying in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

The suites at the Encore are some of the best on the Las Vegas strip.

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