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Where to Watch Football in Las Vegas

If You Are A Football Fan Las Vegas Is Perfect For You


You can watch a game in a lonely room and drink beer out of a can or you can sit in a sports book, sports bar or bar and watch a few games with plenty of other loud, cheering football fans just like yourself. What sounds like more fun? I'm a bigger fan of the restaurant with a good beer list than a sports book. I need a lot of televisions and some simple food that I can snack on. This list covers all the bases and you will have no problem finding a place to watch football in Las Vegas.

1. Sports Books in Las Vegas

Photo by Zeke Quezada
The Sports Book is great if you want to watch a game and keep track of your bets. The big game gets top billing at a sports book so if you are watching the featured game you'll be pleased. If your game is on one of the small screens you'll be distracted by the cheering and you'll be staring at a tiny screen in one of the corners. The pros include servers who are fairly attentive if you tip well and cheap eats nearby at most sports books.

Why To Watch Football Here: If you want to put a few dollars on the games watching at the Sports Book works best. Everyone else is into the game so go ahead and scream your lungs out. However, if you lose it does get annoying when people celebrate.

2. Lagasse's Stadium at Palazzo

You get the best of both worlds at Lagasse's stadium. You can place a bet and watch a few games and you can have a sit down meal. Televisions surround the restaurants and the giant screen dominate the viewing area. Stadium seating for those who want it and tables and booths for the others. The food is a step up from typical bar food and the atmosphere can get charged when a big game is on the screens.

Why To Watch Football Here: The food draws you in but the atmosphere keep you here to watch a football game. The stadium seating is unique however with screen surrounding the restaurant you can see just about any game you want to from your table.

3. PUB 1842 at MGM Grand

This is a nice place to watch a game so if you need a spot where your significant other can pop in and sti with you and they leave this might be it. The food options are way above avergae for a pub and there are plenty of spots to watch a game. It's not a sports bar so you won't be bombarded with televisions screens but you can see a game from pretty much anywhere in the restaurants.

Why To Watch Football Here: They have tables with beer taps on them. Do you need another reason? Fried pickles, lobster corn dogs and huge burgers. Yes, they also have good fancy pub food and a very good beer list if you need all those extras while watching football. However, ask yourself why you would need anything else if they have a beer tap on your table.

4. Public House Luxor

Big screens, pub food that makes you want to have a beer and an atmosphere that feels like a game. The ceilings are high enough to make you feel like you might be in an arena. The crowd gets into the game and the drink specials ease your fears of spending too much money

Why To Watch Football Here: I like the food enough to watch a game that I have no interest in. It's just salty enough to keep me thirsty. Not in a bad way. It's as if I went to my local sports bar and they finally got it all right and they had a better selection of beer.

5. Monte Carlo Pub

Photo by Zeke Quezada
They have plenty of televisions for you to watch to your game. They have some adequate finger foods to keep the calories in you just in case the football game goes into overtime. Most importantly they have a killer beer list that will distract you and keep you sampling throughout your football viewing afternoon. This is the spot that I would choose because I like the extra space and the never ending selections of beers as well as the amount of screens that fill the room. You won't miss any of the game because they are on everywhere.

Why To Watch Football Here: Beer. The list is massive. The specials are great and the amount of televisions surrounding the room allow you to see every game.

6. The Burger Bar

I like the Burger Bar for those days when I want to sit at a bar and watch a football game. It does not hurt that they have a pretty good burger for less than $10 and one of the best beer lists on the Las Vegas strip. The place is casual and comfortable and just right for an afternoon of watching football and sampling some craft beers.

Why To Watch Football Here: This is the spot where you go when you are alone or with just one other person. You have a good beer from a large and very impressive list and you have one of the best burgers in town. Sit at the bar because you'll miss part of the game if you choose a booth.

7. Eastside Lounge at Encore

Do not get distracted by the view of the pool and instead take a look at the large screen at the end of the lounge. Order a stiff drink and watch the game with a more discerning crowd. The bud light crowd is not here so you might not get a high five.

Why To Watch Football Here: If you are staying at Encore and you need a cocktail while you watch a game this spot is both comfortable and convenient. You don't get as much screaming and you might not be able to walk the room giving out the high fives but the seating areas is so comfortable you might take a nap after the game. The view of the pool is not all that bad either.

8. Cosmopolitan Hotel

At the Cosmopolitan Hotel you can watch a game by the pool in their sports book at Book and Stage or at any number of bars. The beers are good if not a little on the expensive side. I might start a game at Comme Ca and then move to Holsteins. If it's nice out I'll be on the couches on the deck near the pool. A lot of options for football viewing at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.

9. The Yard House at Town Square

They have plenty of beer and this is the right alternative if you want to watch a game outside of the usual hotel and casino scene. Take a cab over to Town Square because the chances are good that you'll have one too many beers.

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