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Craft Cocktails at Sage at ARIA Resort


Fine Cocktails and Cuisine at Sage
Craft Cocktails at Sage at ARIA Resort
When discussing Sage at ARIA the conversation always centers around the cuisine of Chef Shawn McClain and then it drifts to the Absinthe presentation that is sure to help end your night with a velvety embrace by the high alcohol distilled spirit. Well, now you can embrace the idea of an Amuse Bouche cocktail and 12 carefully crafted cocktails that will not only tickle your curiosity they will also compliment the food quite well

Sage has introduced 12 new cocktails to help you ease your way into the menu. You'll be getting barrel aged cocktails, infused spirits and techniques and ingredients that display the enormous talent behind the bar.

Personally, I'd rather find a spot at the bar and sample a few things. Conversations flow better at the bar and laughter and fun seem to be synonymous with sitting on a high back chair with a display of bottles of fine alcohol spread out before you.

If you are eating at the bar you'll be greeted with an Amuse Bouche cocktail. Yes! I love Las Vegas! The Pink Lemonade is crafted right in front of you as it dances through an absinthe balancier. As it makes its way through the ice and blends itself to perfection there is a good chance you'll be attempting to order your next drink.

Let me help you with this one. Ask the bartender to explain what he is pouring. Let them know what you are thinking of eating. Explain the little nuances that make you happy. Imagine this is a first date and that bartender is a prized catch.

Here are some of the cocktails I had at Sage at ARIA

  • Empire State – Barrel aged Hudson Valley Rye in American Oak makes this drink a personal favorite. It has a quick bit followed by a slow carress of the state buds. It finishes with a little smoke. I’ll have another and another.
  • Last Word – This cocktail will actually be smokier than you might think. Aged in a newly charred barrel it will make you want to sit next to a campfire.
  • Smoking Bulleit – Peachy and bright in flavor this is a warm weather drink.
  • Blue Velvet - This cocktail is like an slice of adult pie. Not super sweet but fruity enough to ease yourself into that flavor profile.
  • Hemingway Daiquiri – This is a classic and you can actually feel the evening air roll into Havana harbor with this drink.
  • The Cat Walk - Prosecco mixed with anything will usually make me happy and this cocktail will have you practicing your Italian pick up lines.

You might wonder how I could hit so many bars and have so many cocktails. Well, I’m a professional and I have hit so many that I have listed 77 places you can have a drink at in Las Vegas. At Sage it is actually easy to have more than one simply because the bar invites you to stick around for awhile. After your initial drink at the bar take a seat in the lounge and have a conversation or just people watch. The room is comfortable and feels like you've left Las Vegas and moved into a high class exclusive lounge.

You should understand that going into Sage just for cocktails would be a crime. Order a scallop or a side dish if you don’t intend on having a full meal. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with your snack when you pair it with one of these cocktails.

Since you are already at ARIA Resort make sure to walk around and take a look at the art around the property or one of the other restaurants and bars at CityCenter.

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