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Comme Ca Las Vegas Drink Menu


The Cocktail Menu at Comme Ca Las Vegas
Comme Ca Las Vegas Drink Menu

Cocktail Time at Comme Ca Las Vegas

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I don’t usually need very much motivation to sit down and try a few drinks as I am always more than willing to mix and match different types of spirits. My liver expects that from me. Doing so at Comme Ca Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel is simply a bonus considering I get a view of the strip combined with a creative approach to the French Brasserie. You can expect that I'll spend a little extra time at Comme Ca Las Vegas if the opportunity presents itself.

This visit was no different as I sampled plenty of food from the Bistronomy menu while attempting to give the cocktail list my complete attention. In other words, I tried to drink my way through the menu. I'm not ashamed.

The cocktail menu aptly named the 18A Menu after the 18 Amendment that began a dark period in American History is full of classic cocktails with deference to a time when having a drink was illegal. (Prohibition, for those of you who do not follow the legislation of alcohol like I do) The list is organized by spirit and then you get the bonus section that features cocktails by Comme Ca’s in-house Mixologists. One of my favorite things to do in Las Vegas is to walk right up to a bar and ask the bartender for the drink that they do best. Essentially, those selections are now on the menu at Comme Ca Las Vegas.

The cocktails you should try at Comme Ca Las Vegas:

  • THYME FOR BOURBON (NATE PRO BST ) - bourbon, creme de casis, sugar, fresh lemon, thyme sprigs
    I have a few “favorite” drinks on the Las Vegas strip and this is now at the top of my list. Yeah, I’m pretty promiscuous and I get around but I can guarantee it will take a monumental drink to overtake this cocktail as the best in Las Vegas for me. The bourbon begs me to sit around and enjoy life while the fresh lemon is just right enough to remind me to take it easy and savor every sip.
  • CLOVER CLUB (JUYOUNG KANG ) - gin, fresh lemon, homemade grenadine, sugar, egg white
    While having this drink all I could think about was an ice cream on the playground. In a good way though, not that the drink is too sweet, but it does have enough of that sweetness that makes me long for a early spring afternoon when the ice cream truck would come by and I would spend my last dollar on a 50-50 bar. This is the drink my wife would order and I would take more than a few sips of.
  • VIDA SIMPLES (LENARD PETERSON ) - rum, Falernum, fresh lime, orange bitter, sugar
    This is the drink that you would serve in your backyard if you had the talent, ingredients and patience to make a good cocktail. I am going to try to perfect this drink for the long summer afternoons when I want to annoy my wife by making her friends really happy. “Oh, Zeke is so nice” I can hear them saying it now.
  • BLOOD AND SAND - scotch, fresh orange, cherry liqueur, sweet vermouth
    This drink has a little girth. It’s more evolved in that you need to sit with it longer. Take your time and enjoy the way the scotch flits with your plate as the sweetness wrestles with your taste buds.
  • SAZERAC - rye, sugar, bitter, absinthe
    You and the boys are getting together for a night of debauchery in Las Vegas, this is the drink you are starting with. Period.
  • PROHIBITION PUNCH - dark rum, Grand Marnier, passion fruit, fresh lemon, champagne
    This is not that jungle juice you created in college. This is what growing up tastes like. Taste it. Feel the flavors on your tongue. For me it feels like the deck of a sailboat in Sint Maarten with the breeze coming off the beach and the crystal clear water beckoning me to jump in.
  • PENICILLIN - scotch, fresh lemon, ginger, honey, islay float
    To the point and straight forward. Like a conversation with your father in law right before you tell him that you are marrying his daughter with or without his permission.
  • GORDON’S CUP - gin, muddled lime, cucumber, cracked salt & pepper
    You can get a gimlet or you can get a gimlet with some punch. This cocktail should reinforce your belief that even a simple drink that might be good for a woman can still taste very good for a man.

Comme Ca Las Vegas
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
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