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77 Places To Find A Party In Las Vegas


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Party in Las Vegas: The Cantina
77 Places To Find A Party In Las Vegas
Sometimes you want a little south of the border excitement and Las Vegas has it's share of spots for Mexican Cantina fun. Work on that high school Spanish and start practicing your drink ordering phrases.

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The Las Vegas Cantina:

Carlos and Charlie’s at Flamingo - This is the type of party that you might remember from your spring break in Mexico days. This is the super fun, casual, party atmosphere that will cost you less than a club and help you work on your dance moves.


Hussong’s Cantina - Tequila, Mexican beer and guacamole. I actually like starting my evening at the bar with some tacos and a margarita. Have a shot and your Las Vegas party will get going very quickly.


Tacos and Tequila - Two shots and two tacos and your party is off to a good start.


Diablo’s Cantina - The people watching is great and a seat near the deck gets you a view of the Las Vegas strip. Check out the hourly specials and fell free to indulge on way too many chips and Mexican beers.


Cabo Wabo Cantina Planet Hollywood - One Waborita will always lead to three. The music is loud and the crowd is always willing to have a good time. Sit outside on the patio and work on your tan as you sip on the tequila.


Senor Frog’s at Treasure Island - Yeah, just like in Mexico only the rules here are enforced a bit more. So, don't do anything you would do in Mexico and you'll be fine.


Tequila at Diego - I always need a spicy drink and Diego does it exactly like I like. The guacamole is reason enough to have a second drink.


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