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77 Places To Find A Party In Las Vegas


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Where Is The Party In Las Vegas?
77 Places To Find A Party In Las Vegas
Everybody define a good time in a different way. A party does not always mean a large group of people in a crowded club in Las Vegas. Sometimes a party is a few friends around a table having a great wine and good conversation. Las Vegas allows you to define your own party. If you are looking for a party in Las Vegas I’m pretty sure I can help you find the right place.

My ideas range from the popular nightclubs to the bars in restaurants where good food and great cocktails make for an incredible evening. There are are a couple of dive bars in there is well as a pub or two. Find your own party in Las Vegas.

Part of the 100 Days of Fun This Summer in Las Vegas

Check out my 77 places for a party in Las Vegas. You might have your own ideas so make sure to send them to me and I’ll expand this list to include every spot that feels like the right place to be when it comes time to get the party started in Las Vegas.

What Type of party are you looking for?


77 Places to Party in Las Vegas

These are a few of my favorite spots to stop in for a drink and some socializing:

Fusion Bar at Palazzo - It may seem like a small casino bar but the cocktails are among the best on the Las Vegas strip.

Marquee Nightclub at Cosmopolitan - It’s the hottest nightclub in Las Vegas and you will be guaranteed a party.

Carlos and Charlie’s at Flamingo - This is the type of party that you might remember from your spring break in Mexico days. This is the super fun, casual, party atmosphere that will cost you less than a club and help you work on your dance moves.

Lily Bar and Lounge - No cover and a place to sit. It’s nice, it’s fancy but it is also a bit more laid back and casual. When you want a party to feel expensive without having to buy a bottle at a table.

The Bar at Comme Ca - Cocktail lovers will find their ultimate Las Vegas party here. Grab a drink from their carefully crafted menu and then find a spot on the outdoor patio with a view of the strip.

Carnaval Court - This is that spot where you can get louder than you think you should and the beers are cheap. It’s fun, casual and lacks the pretentious velvet ropes of Las Vegas.

The outdoor patio at LAVO - The club upstairs is good but I like the action outside on the patio with a view of the strip. It usually thins out when people walk up stairs and then it really feels like you are rolling like a VIP.

Parasol Down at Wynn - This is my middle of the day choice for an outdoor drink that turns in to a party in Las Vegas spot. One stiff drink with a view of the water and the sun in your eyes and you’ll be in full Vegas party mode.

Level 107 at Stratosphere - The view will set the tone for your party. The drinks and some snacks will make you stay too long. High above the strip with a casual atmosphere that screams at you to have fun.

Absinthe at Sage at ARIA - You need to be ready for this type of fun. The Absinthe will get your party started and you’ll be unleashed. Prepare yourself for a long dose of Las Vegas action.

Cocktails at Sugar Factory - When you absolutely, positively need a few girlie drinks to start your Las vegas party you’ll head to Sugar Factory. You might as well get some chocolate as well.

Beers at Public House - The beer list is insane! What else do you need to know? Start the party already!

Peppermill Fireside Lounge - Go old school in Las Vegas. I hope this place never closes and after you head in and find a seat in the big booths or by the fire you’ll never want to see it leave the Las Vegas strip either.

Nine Fine Irishmen at NY/NY - When the music is playing and the Guinness is flowing this place is so much fun you’ll want to seek out very Irish Pub in your neighborhood.

Rhumbar at Mirage - You’ll feel the heat of the volcano and the music will convince you to start dancing.

Shadow bar at Caesars - It’s weird that I will sit there and watch some shadows but it’s also the type of place where you can have a conversation over a drink.

Chateau Beer Garden - Grab a couch in the middle of the day and you’ll be sticking around longer. Try a pitcher of one of their cocktails and you might never leave.

Casa Fuente at the Forum Shops - A mojito, Cigar and some Cuban music and you might forget that you are in Las Vegas. Lounge and you’ll feel your very own party about to start.

Do you need even more ideas? This is the rest of the list of places to start your Las Vegas party. Be careful, and pace yourself as each of these places has the ability to convince you to keep coming back to Las Vegas over and over. The world is a big place and you might miss out on a few things if you always need to find a party in Las Vegas.

Wait, you can see an Eiffel Tower, a Castle, A Volcano, a Pyramid, The Statue of Liberty, Venice, Rome…you don’t need to go anywhere else. Make your way through the entire list before you visit some other place that will not be even half as much fun as Las Vegas.

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