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Fusion Mixology Bar at Palazzo Las Vegas


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Mix it up with a Mixologist at Fusion Mixology Bar at Palazzo Las Vegas
Fusion Mixology Bar at Palazzo Las Vegas

Mixologist Wendy Hodges double straining The Conductor's Stick

Photo By Zeke Quezada
Have you ever sat with a cocktail menu in your hand and realized that you really had no clue what they were trying to do with your alcohol. Listen, I was always the guy who only needed some bourbon and ice in a paper cup and I would be fine. All of a sudden I need infused vodka and pureed Lima beans just to make a drink special? (Pretty sure I don't want Lima beans in a drink, I think)

Head to any bar in Las Vegas and you can get anything from a bartender with so much skill that he can practically read your mind and make you the perfect drink or the girl who forgot most of her clothing and she smiles as she hands you an $18 mess of syrup and cheap vodka. You have to love Las Vegas.

That is the beauty of Fusion Mixology Bar at Palazzo Las Vegas. Head to the bar and look at their menu and they'll have quite a few intriguing drinks but have a conversation with the mixologist and they'll have YOUR drink. Yes, the mixologist will talk to you and not because she's hoping you'll overlook her drink making skills and drop a huge tip. She'll talk to you and find out exactly where you're coming from. She wants to know what makes you tick. What it is that you like? When she finds that, she makes you a drink that blows your mind.

I met Wendy Hodges at a restaurant while I indulged in too much wine and too much food. Shocker that I wold meet a woman while I'm out in Las Vegas, right? The shocking thing was her ability to talk about cocktails. As our evening progressed her passion for the art of mixing a drink soon became all we were discussing. I was captivated with her discussion of technique and ingredients. Having a conversation with Mixologist Wendy Hodges was no different than discussing food preparation with "Chef of the Century" Joel Robuchon.

The conversation turned to what I really enjoyed and I mentioned my love affair with kale. (Yes, I adore kale right now. Thanks to the Daily Kitchen and Wellness Bar for my addiction) A kale cocktail would combine my love for cocktails and my love for the bitter, leafy green that has a special place in my everyday life.

The challenge to make a kale drink was put forth and the next few pages are an example of what I was treated to at Fusion Mixology Bar at the Palazzo Las Vegas. Wendy Hodges was very kind to lend her very own narrative of exactly what is going on with each cocktail.

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