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El Cortez Hotel Downtown Las Vegas


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The Alternative to the Las Vegas Strip is in Downtown Las Vegas
El Cortez Hotel Downtown Las Vegas

Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas

If you’re among the young, hip traveler planning a Las Vegas vacation, you probably think your options for a Vegas hotel are limited to The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas or Wynn/Encore (and maybe the new Tropicana or GO rooms at Flamingo). Those are great choices—all of them—for a Vegas hotel. But I’ve got another suggestion, and believe it or not, it isn’t even on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s the El Cortez, downtown, on Fremont Street.

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Have you seen Fremont Street lately? While the picture in your mind of the original Las Vegas Casinos here might be a little seedy, in the past few years, the Fremont Street Experience has added a lot of fun—and free--entertainment options. And East Fremont Street, where the El Cortez is located, is home to several cool bars and lounges, including Downtown Cocktail Room, Insert Coins (with a full vintage video arcade), Vanguard Lounge, Beauty Bar, Emergency Arts and more. There’s even decent New York style pizza!

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