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The D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

The New Downtown Las Vegas Looks Good at The D Las Vegas Hotel

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The D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
The D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
The D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Whatever you might think about Downtown Las Vegas make it vanish from your mind. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Scrub it clean. You’ll have to get out the residual shrimp cocktails and $2.99 buffets as well. How do you feel? The D Las Vegas is a different hotel from what you have come to expect from Downtown Las Vegas. Downtown Las Vegas is different from what you remember. This is the property formerly known as the Fitzgeralds and then the Fitz but they have done a good job of helping you forget that and now The D might be a place that you will consider.


What to expect at The D Las Vegas:
The new rooms still have a little of old Downtown Las Vegas in them but the decor is nice, the colors are modern and you actually might forget that you’re staying on Fremont Street instead of Las Vegas Blvd. The limits are lower in the casino, the drink specials are more abundant and the crowd is generally not as pretentious as you might find on the strip. Smaller hotel means you get a bit more personal service but not so much that they charge you extra for it.

What you might like at The D Las Vegas:
The long bar is worth a visit to for a drink right on the casino floor and the draw of staying in Downtown Las Vegas is that everything is so close by. More food, gaming and entertainment options are literally right next door. The new property means that people are working hard to have fun so the atmosphere is lively. You’re also a few feet away from Fremont Street East where Downtown Las Vegas has been revitalized and the scene is better than the cool neighborhoods back home.

What you will really love?
The D room rates are significantly cheaper than what you will find on the strip. You will safe money and you will still get a very Las Vegas experience.

What you might not like at The D Las Vegas:
While you have the Fremont Street Experience outside the front door there are no giant mega resorts, with volcanoes and wave pools. This is Downtown Las Vegas so you get a bit more sedated Las Vegas or what is better known as “Old School” Vegas. You’ll also have to be prepared for a slight old Las Vegas odor. It once was very common to get cigarette smoke on every article of clothing you had regardless of where you were staying. Well, that does not happen anymore but there is this lingering reminder of what once was. So, if someone says, “What’s that smell?” your response is simple and direct, “That’s Vegas Baby.”

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My suggestion for The D Las Vegas:
Make sure to have a Coney Island Dog and sit at the bar outside on Fremont Street. The people watching is excellent and you can listen to the people that are screaming high above you as they race by on a zip line. Take the money you save on your hotel room and walk up the street to Le Thai.

Rooms at The D Las Vegas:
638 newly refurbished rooms. Everything is nice and new and you’ll be shocked that somebody actually cared about what the room would look like. A few cool pictures on the wall, some fresh paint and modern décor and you have a room that is comfortable, clean and well priced. Remember that this is an older building so the rooms are not generally bigger, however, the corner rooms are very spacious, but they are not small as you might fin din other Downtown Las Vegas properties. Check out pictures of the rooms at The D Las Vegas

Location: The D Las Vegas:
301 Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Need help finding your way? Use this Map of Las Vegas.


Contact the The D Las Vegas: 800-274-5825
See The D Las Vegas website

Restaurants at The D Las Vegas:
American Coney Island, D Grill, McDonalds
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Entertainment at The D Las Vegas:
Marriage Can Be Murder, Raack & Roll
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Nightclubs, Lounges and Bars at The D Las Vegas:
Long Bar, Vue Bar, The D Bar
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