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Seafood Restaurants in Las Vegas


If you love seafood Las Vegas will thoroughly satisfy you for as long as you can take it. From the shrimp cocktail to the crab legs to fine dining creole style you need to prepare yourself for a palate changing experience.

1. American Fish at Aria Resort Las Vegas

American Fish Restaurant  Aria Resort ~ Las Vegas, Nevada
prayitnophotography/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

If you were to put together a place to get together for a meal that could explain the need guys have to place themselves in the pecking order of the food chain I would suggest American Fish at Aria Resort Las Vegas. American Fish is the place where you take your ideas once you grow up and realize that you could in fact afford a trip to the Snake River or a trip to pull in huge Salmon in Alaska but would rather just select it off a divine menu.

2. Sensi at Bellagio

It's not really a seafood spot, they have seafood on the menu and they do it very well. I'd rather find a spot that does seafood well and has options for the other folks that seem to be on the fence about their ingredients living in water.

3. RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Get excited about a restaurant with a conscious at RM Seafood Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Chef Rick Moonen brings his passion for sustainable fishing and seafood and delivers a a product that is very satisfying. If you love seafood and love the idea of making choices that support the health of the World Ocean RM Seafood is for you.

4. Roy's Las Vegas

It's off the strip but only a short distance east on Flamingo from the strip. The food is so good you will actually feel the trade winds coming off the west Maui mountains. Roy's turns seafood into a religious experience. Prepare yourself for the journey, it's that good!

5. Emeril's Fish House at the MGM Grand Hotel

Spice is the name of the game at Emeril's. It's not all about spicy but more about infusing food with flavors that illuminate the senses surrounding your mouth. Your sense of smell will savor the aroma. Your sense of sight will delight in the beauty of the presentation. Your taste buds will be asked to work overtime to engage all the extra sensory receptacles needed to appreciate the multitude of flavors.

6. Michael Mina at the Bellagio Hotel

Romantic, elegant and very, very good. I find the dishes at Michael Mina to be precise in their preparation. I describe them in that fashion because they always seem to be prepared with the proper ingredients and never overdone. They don't try to work harder by adding superfluous pizazz, the food is able to stand alone as it is.

7. Village Seafood Buffet at the Rio Las Vegas

A buffet? Yeah, $38 dollars gets you as many crab legs as you want as well as lobster, shrimp, sushi and an assortment of seafood specialties that are all worth the trip over to the Rio. One of the best dining deals in Las Vegas. The Village Seafood Buffet has been redesigned and it looks and feels lie a high end restaurant and the food is just as good.

8. Oyster Bar at Harrah's

Who you kidding? An oyster bar as one of the best? If you consider the atmosphere, the prices and the food there is no way I can omit the Oyster Bar at Harrah's. Each dish has a distinct flavor and the seafood choices will satisfy any seafood addict. Grab a seat at the bar, have a beer and feel your way through the appetizers. For half the cost of some of the other places you will have twice the food.

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