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Where Will You Be Having Lunch in Las Vegas

A Drink, a Meal and All is Right in Las Vegas for Lunch


Lunch in Las Vegas usually consists, at least for me, a long drawn out meal where I end up with a few too many drinks and then a long walk along the strip dreaming about a two hour roll on the craps tables. I usually look for a seat that affords me a great view and I almost always will start with a drink that dictates my meal. A Vodka Collins, a Gimlet, a Mojito, they all set the tone for an afternoon meal where I am not returning to the office, I'm just enjoying my vacation. The good food comes out as does the wine or a cold beer and, well, you can imagine how the rest of the day goes from there. 

1. Public House at Palazzo Las Vegas

You could have a liquid lunch but why would you do that when you can have your beer paired with poutine or quail or or some fried pork. I'm a fan of the casual lunch in their lounge area right beside the bar simply because it's comfortable enough to extend the afternoon meal further into the evening. With over 200 beers and a some good food why not relax and have another?

2. Top of The World at Stratosphere Hotel

Try the Banh Mi, try a simple Vietnamese sandwich crafted by a chef who understands what it should be and does not try to "elevate" it to some other level. Instead he makes a solid sandwich that can be had as a slider at the Level 107 Lounge or a sandwich at Top of the World.

3. Simon at Palms Place

Edamame, a roast beef sandwich and a beer with a view of the pool. Lunch is pretty ideal of you have that formula. Kerry Simon has the ability to put together a cool vibe with some good food and your lunch at Simon will just that. A large dose of cool. You'll feel better looking, you'll act like you're in the know. You might even high five the hostess on the way out.

4. Spago Las Vegas

Pancetta wrapped meatloaf with the port wine sauce over mashed potatoes. That's it, followed by a glass or two of red wine. I have had this dish so often that I am sure my stomach would revolt if I ever stopped. I try to get a good view of the people walking by in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace and simply waste away my afternoon in a meatloaf induced trance.

5. Enoteca Otto at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas

Simply put, this place is fun. A restaurant described as fun? Consider the fact that every one is very nice and the food is great and you can see what I mean by fun. However, the wine is what you should go to Enoteca Otto for, the kind of selection that will make you melt if you are incredibly fond of Italian reds.

6. Julian Serrano at Aria Las Vegas at City Center

Tapas, Sangria and a mix of conversation and a little flirtation over lunch and you have the ideal Las Vegas lunch spot. Small plates are exactly the way I love to eat especially if the drinks are flowing. The space is great because the energy from the Aria Resort seems to flow through the dining room and it really gives you reason to indulge in that Las Vegas way. In other words, you'll have good food, great drinks and possibly way too much fun.

7. Wazuzu at Encore Las Vegas

This selection is simple, if I want to engage my taste buds, if I want to impress my palate and if I want to delight in a variety of flavors. You'll realize that you love ingredients that you never thought about and you will swear you want to move to Las Vegas just to put Wazuzu on a weekly rotation. My new "go to" dish is the Roti Panang to go along with the drunken noodles

8. Hussong's Las Vegas

Photo Courtesy of Hussong's Las Vegas

Margarita, guacamole and a few shrimp tacos. If there is one lunch that says it all about a midday meal in Las Vegas it's going to be found at Hussong's Las Vegas. Simple, very tasty and the right amount of tequila to ensure that your vacation will be full of excitement.

9. BLT Burger at the Mirage

Am I so simple that I find pure pleasure in a burger, fries and a cold beer? Well, actually, yes, but that only means that you can walk into BLT Burger at the Mirage and enjoy a burger and a beer and no full well that I have done my due diligence in finding the one place that my well worked palate found immensely pleasurable. So have at it, indulge in some beef between some buns and toss in a chocolate shake while you are at it.

10. Pink's Hot Dogs Las Vegas

The one place for lunch in Las Vegas where I do not need any alcohol to add to my meal. The jalapenos, the chili, the onions and the bad breath that follows is all I really need while having lunch at Pink's Las Vegas.

11. Cabo Wabo Cantina Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood Hotel

The food is decent but the idea of a few Waboritas while sitting a few feet from the Las Vegas strip is enough for me to waste away an afternoon at Cabo Wabo Cantina. Don't get me wrong, the loud music, the fun crowd are also selling points but blended tequila is a huge factor.

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