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The Best Sushi in Las Vegas

If You Love Sushi, You'll Love it in Las Vegas


If you crave sushi as I do you'll be very pleased to find some of the best Sushi options anywhere right on the Las Vegas strip. Sashimi, hand cut rolls, sushi and creative approaches to preparing fresh fish delight you at the sushi restaurants in Las Vegas.

Japanese cuisine is not just sushi so you'll be greeted with some very impressive menus at each these spots for sushi in Las Vegas. Try Tetsu at Aria and you'll get the best of both worlds or consider the lounge feel at Nobu for an evening of food and cocktails.

1. Kumi Japanaese Restaurant at Mandalay Bay

This is my new favorite spot for sushi in Las Vegas because it's casual, fun and better priced than most of the other spots on this list. Chef Akira Back is amazing and he bends the rules enough to make your palate excited.

2. Shibuya at MGM Grand

All of a sudden Shibuya has become one of my favorites. They have a new chef and they understand customer service and the food is really impressing me right now. I also like the prices as they seem to be more affordable than most of the spots to get a decent piece of sashimi on the Las Vegas strip. If I'm having sushi I'm seriously considering Shibuya at MGM Grand.

3. Nobu at Caesars Palace

This is serious eating and you'll probably pay just a bit more for it. The atmosphere is a party waiting to bust out and the food is exactly what you are looking for if you are a sushi lover. They do i right and you will only be concerned with spending too much.

4. Bar Masa at Aria for High End Sushi in Las Vegas

Before I begin you should know that Bar Masa at Aria Las Vegas is expensive. It is crazy good. It is the kind of good that makes you cry just a little as the fresh Kanpachi melts on your tongue and then the slightly spicy jalapeno awakens each of those tiny receptors in the back of your mouth. The Toro tartare is brilliant with a caviar topping and the ceviche will cripple you. It is that good, but as I already have mentioned, it can get expensive.

5. Simon at Palms Place

Simon at Palms Place works for the person who is having a meal with someone who is not as fond of sushi. You get the best of both worlds at Simon. I enjoy the tuna dynamite with the wok charred edamame. The view of the pool and the big windows will make you feel like you are one of the petty people who has found a good spot for sushi.

6. Nobu at the Hard Rock Hotel

Zeke Quezada
This is where fusion cuisine is created. Nobu is the master and most everyone has a little Nobu in them. If you want sushi that has been created by the master this is where you will be heading when searching for Sushi in Las Vegas.

7. The Grand Wok and Sushi Bar at MGM Grand Las Vegas

So you are with someone who does not want sushi? Why would you eat with them? I forgive you but you'll head to The Grand Wok because it's casual and your sushi hating friends will be able to indulge in noodles and rice while you devour a Las Vegas roll with too much sake.

8. Yellowtail Sushi Las Vegas

Upscale Sushi at the Bellagio Las Vegas with Chef Akira Back and his inventive style that takes you to the edge of experimentation when it comes to food preparation and presentation.

9. Wazuzu at Encore At Wynn Las Vegas

I was enamored with the Chef Matsu Special since day one but since I have grown very fond of the Hamachi Chili with Yellow tail as well as the Wazuzu Roll that has just the right amount of eel spread across the top of it. Prices for sushi at Wazuzu can get a little outrageous so make sure to consider that when ordering. You'll get some great quality but that does come at a price.

10. Sushi Roku at the Forum Shops Las Vegas

Zeke Quezada
I could live on the Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll but my wife insists I try everything. She seems to always be right because Sushi Roku in Las Vegas is consistently excellent. Put some faith in your server and find out what is really pleasing the patrons on any particular day. Try what you might not otherwise go for and you will be surprised.

11. SushiSamba Las Vegas at the Palazzo

Zeke Quezada
You can have simple sushi at your favorite sushi joint back home. At SushiSamba you will be treated to an adventure in sushi. Fuse the culinary delights of three cultures and you end up with a Sushi restaurant that will transport you to a different level of fabulous.

12. Social House at Crystals in CityCenter

Zeke Quezada
Social House is all about having a good time and relaxing as the Vegas vibe takes over your ability to be rationale. The food is good but the atmosphere is better. A little sushi with your sake is the frame of mind you need to be in when you go to Social House.

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