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Tacos in Las Vegas

Tortilla Please, I Need A Taco!


I love tacos. I do. Does it make me a bad person simply because I think I can put almost anything in side a tortilla and eat it. Bone marrow, braised veal cheek, potatoes even beef brains and tongue. I don't care, I need it and I need them often.

Now,I'm going to mention a few places on the Las Vegas strip where you can get a quality taco but don't lose it when you don't see your favorite spot. For example, I really like the tuna tacos a Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace, but I really love a lot of other stuff to so it won't make this list. (Although it just did) I might forget a spot so feel free to send me one of those nasty emails where you say I have no clue how good food is. I love those responses!

These are in no particular order.

1. Tacos El Gordo

This is first on the list and it usually is quite good and it is easily the cheapest place to get a good meal on the strip. This is also the spot where you can get tongue, brain, pork, beef, chorizo and a long list of other very good ingredients that you will not normally find. Practice your Spanish because you might need all those words you forgot after 8th grade just to make sure they get your order correct.

2. Hussong's Cantina at Mandalay Bay Hotel

The shrimp taco is pretty killer at Hussong's but I often think that the salsa is so good that I could eat cardboard in a tortilla here and still be satisfied. This is definitely one of those places where one beer, one taco and a lot chips and salsa make for a meal. That does not make me cheap, it makes me frugal. My suggestion is you order the bone marrow and make your tiny tacos with all the good stuff that comes out of that hole.

3. Carlos 'n Charlies at Flamingo Las Vegas

All you need are the Charlie's Tacos with one giant Margarita and a seat on the back patio. That is as good as it can get. If you can fit it in you might as well get the ceviche and order a second drink.

4. China Poblano at the Cosmopolitan

China Poblano Lobster Taco
I'll apologize up front. These tacos are a little expensive yet you'll still go in and pay for them. They are that good. The langosta taco is why we love to eat. Every bit of flavor is packed into that beautiful thing and when you bite into it you instantly know you need to have another. The pork taco is similar and you'll try to jam one in your front pocket for snacking later on. I'm sorry I'm doing this to you but believe me when I say to you that I have no choice. It's my job.

5. Diego at MGM Grand

The secret here is the guacamole. It will make it's way into a tortilla and soon you are having an avocado taco. The fish tacos are excellent and the Al Pastor is like you are having them straight off of a roadside stand in Mexico.

6. Javier's at Aria Las Vegas

You are going to share La Tablita because you want to be able to make your own tacos right at your table. They bring you everything you need and you sit down and act like you have done this your entire life. I typically will make two before I start sampling. Be smart, eat fast. If you take too long you'll get full before you even make a dent. Extra guacamole, salsa and a sprinkle of rice is my favorite combination.

7. Fleur at Mandalay Bay

The Ahi Tuna taco is what you'll have and you'll be forced to stop after your first order. Tangy, fresh and so super good. You might need a burger as well. Oh, the braised short rib lasagna is worth a try . Oh, wait, we are talking tacos. Sorry.

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