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Society Cafe at Encore Las Vegas


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Lunch at Society Cafe at Encore Las Vegas
Society Cafe at Encore Las Vegas
Lunch is beyond belief at Society Cafe at Encore Las Vegas. Special occasion or simple craving, Society Cafe can do either and deliver quite an experience. From the attentive service to the laid back feeling in the restaurant you'll thoroughly enjoy your meal.

Personally, lunch allows me the time to completely immerse myself in the meal without considering the time constraints placed upon me by the enticing aspects of the Las Vegas nightlife. I can relax and take a little longer and just enjoy myself while attempting to decipher every last bit of the meal. When a dish is as flavorful as those that are coming out of the kitchen at Society Cafe you want to slow down the eating process and completely appreciate the experience.

Highlights of the lunch menu at Society Cafe
First, understand that you can have breakfast at lunch at Society Cafe if you so desire, but I'm more of a lunch guy so I'll explain a few things you should be having with a Blood Orange Mimosa from the Bloody Mary Cart that will entice you in the dining room.

  • Roasted Tomato Bisque - The consistency that separates thick from thin, right at the point where a little volume motivates you to attempt to lick the bowl.(don't do it! Not cool.) It's not chunky but you can still feel the pureed tomatoes and savor the sweetness. There is a hint of roasted flavor but just enough to add a different flavor but not so much as to change the flavor of the tomatoes.
  • Steak House Salad - This is where you keep a little of that low carb craziness you attempt every spring to prepare for Summer. The tomatoes mixed up with the flavorful beef will taste like candy and the cheese crumbles in your mouth and you want to smile.
  • BBQ Pulled Pork Roll - Slowly allow yourself to taste every bit of the pork. You feel that texture? You identify that flavor? That is what it feels like over where the grass is greener, it is so scrumptious you'll wonder if the Chef can head over to your backyard for the big summer BBQ.
  • Tagliatelle - Simple pasta but generous in the flavor department and just enough of the simple ingredients where you begin to fool yourself into believing you could put it together at home. At that point, order another drink and just enjoy it.

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