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Must Do Las Vegas Restaurants - Where You Should Eat in Las Vegas


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Enoteca Otto at the Venetian Hotel in the Grand Canal Shoppes
Must Do Las Vegas Restaurants - Where You Should Eat in Las Vegas

Enoteca San Marcos Las Vegas

Zeke Quezada
What do you love about wine?

What do you love about eating?

What do you love about great service?

If you put them together, focus on great Italian wines and simple, flavorful menu choices you get Enoteca San Marcos at the Venetian. Don't forget that they have transported some of the nicest people in Las Vegas to Italy and back and have created a customer service gem. If you want attentive service, passionate food and wine guides and a very comfortable atmosphere, Enoteca is the place for you. This is truly an Italian wine bar with the hospitality of a small village eatery in Piemonte.

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If you eat at only one place in Las Vegas and you love Italian wines (or hope to one day love Italian wines) Enoteca San Marcos is your only choice.


  • Very Impressive wine list, a ton of Barolos and Barbarescos
  • Meals from $10 - 25.
  • Customer service is incredible, they take the time to discuss wine and they display a passion for what they are doing.
  • Listening to the manager discuss wine and food from Italy transports you to a small village in Tuscany where you search for the perfect vegetables to pair with the great bottle you just found.
  • The pasta triggered taste receptors that I did not know existed. The salad, while simple accented the wine perfectly and put me in the mood for a fabulous meal.


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