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Must Do Las Vegas Restaurants - Where You Should Eat in Las Vegas


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Burger Bar at Mandalay Place at the Mandalay Bay Hotel
Must Do Las Vegas Restaurants - Where You Should Eat in Las Vegas

Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay

Zeke Quezada
You're craving a burger and a beer? Should you ever pay $60 for a burger? No. Why waste that much money on fine Kobe beef ground up into a patty? I don't see the point. If you want it they have it.

What you should be having at the Burger Bar?

A simple Angus Burger for about $12. It's still a bit pricey for a burger but it's Las Vegas and you're having fun. If you're willing to sit in front of a slot machine or at a blackjack table you should be fine with a decent meal every now and then.

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Sit at the bar and order one of 24 beers they have on tap or any of the numerous bottles they have by the bottle. As for the Burger, simple always works with a great burger. Bread and a quality piece of beef should be enough. However, for research purposes I had the grilled onions, jalapeños and some sprouts. (the sprouts are an attempt to placate my doctor who really is pushing for me to incorporate more greens into my diet, apparently too much alcohol is not good for you).

Crusty outside and tender in the middle should be how you describe a quality burger. The crusty keeps in some of the best flavors known to man and the tender releases the flavors you need to please your palate. How a simple piece of beef can transform into a culinary delight is beyond me, but it happens inside that package of oozing meat.

After a couple of beers, a few onion rings and some tasty fries I figured I would have desert, I opted for a Frozen Elvis:
Skyy Vanilla Vodka, Malibu Banana Rum, Bols white creme de dacao, Bols Banana Liqueur, peanut butter, banana puree, frozen topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

If you any thing left order a Watermelon Mojito and enjoy the fuzzy feeling that engulfs your head.

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