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Must Do Las Vegas Restaurants - Where You Should Eat in Las Vegas


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Strip Steak at Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas
Must Do Las Vegas Restaurants - Where You Should Eat in Las Vegas

Strip Steak at Mandalay Bay

Zeke Quezada
There is no reason you should have a bad steak in Las Vegas. Michael Mina is making that a possibility by infusing the dining scene with technology. Strip Steak features two wood-burning grills and six circulating, slow-poaching chambers. The explanation from the server was good but my red wine infused brain was not as lucid as it should have been. This is their description of the process by which they turn out great beef:

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The signature slow-poaching method enhances flavor and tenderness by heating the meat for several hours at a low temperature, while the mesquite-stoked grills infuse every cut with a subtle smokiness.

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Yeah, it works. While I am all for dropping a monster piece of beef on a grill and giving it 6 minutes per side and pairing it with a fine red, this process pulled my salivary glands in all directions and brought the meat back to life. Imagine a gourmet backyard Bar-B-Q where the food tasted like the best Fourth of July ever. The food gave me that comfortable feeling of early afternoon, warm sun and the incredibly content feeling of a fantastic eating experience.

The fine wine helps the process but the food easily stands alone.


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