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Must Do Las Vegas Restaurants - Where You Should Eat in Las Vegas


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The Restaurants That You Have To Eat At In Las Vegas
Must do Las Vegas restaurants

 There are so many places to eat at in Las Vegas that I'm sure my list of must do restaurants could bulge to over 50 without me gaining a single pound. Each and every week I find something that I go on ranting about. Like clockwork I step into a restaurant and then find three things that I have to have. Soon,  I'm telling everyone that will listen or read about it. I'm a maniac about food and rink.

Therefore,this must do list of restaurants in Las Vegas changes all the time.  Do not confuse this list for the Best Restaurants In Las Vegas  because that is another set of places that I just love to jam the calories in at.  Down below you'll find a few links to even more lists of places to eat and the following pages will give you a good idea of where you must go right now.

However, before I  tell you about those I'll tell you about a few that I have been to lately that are making me very excited.

  • Kumi at Mandalay Bay - Japanese cuisine with some slight Korean touches by Chef Akira Back
  • Sensi at Bellagio - Four kitchens that will not only give you options they will also confuse you with so many flavors.
  • Pub1842 at MGM Grand - A beer and a bar and some really fun com fort food.
  • Fat Choy at the Eureka Casino - Way off the strip with a talented chef doing things his way.
  • Five50 Pizza Bar at ARIA Las Vegas - The pizza is fine but the rest of the menu is spectacular.


Here are even more ideas for places to eat in Las Vegas:

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