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Le Burger at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon Las Vegas


Seeking The Perfect Burger at L'Atelier Las Vegas
Le Burger at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon Las Vegas

Le Burger at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon Las Vegas

My quest for perfection is usually thwarted by reality. The perfect abs have given way to a soft middle while ideal weather usually is compromised by a lack of time and my quest for the ultimate muscle car has been shot down by the need for child safety seats.

So, it would come as no surprise to me if while seeking out the perfect burger I would be amused by the description of life changing meat between two pieces of fancy bread only to be let down by an overpriced, fancy rendition of a classic.

However, that is not the case. I floated out of L'Atelier after a burger that changed my perspective. Fluffy bun that was baked earlier in the day with a piece of perfectly prepared beef patty and then topped with foie gras that could easily make a grown man cry. When the dish is placed before you the aroma will knock you out. Foie gras fills your nostrils and then you take a bite and you experience balance. The greens dance along the extra rich flavor of the foie and then mesh with the perfection of the beef. The crinkle fries add to the experience but do not supplant your need for a few more bites of perfection.

Named to About.com's 2012 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

If price was not a consideration in my search for the perfect burger in Las Vegas I would easily choose Le Burger at L'Atelier de Joel robuchon. When price does matter it's hard for me to not suggest to you, the burger lover, this ultimate example. The truth is that sometimes you need to splurge.

If you're in Las Vegas you already realize you'll be spending a lot of money. So why not splurge on a burger that will have make you a star at cocktail parties. You'll talk about how the bread had the flavor of butter, you'll mention a beef patty that melted the moment it hit your tongue and then you'll describe the foie gras as the ultimate condiment.

This is a once in a lifetime burger that propels you to a level that most foodies will never get to. It's also a way for you to experience L'Atelier at a reasonable price.

Le Burger $33
L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon Las Vegas

Open for dinner nighlty
At the MGM Grand Las Vegas
Reservations: (702) 891-7358

Can't live on burgers alone? Good, because to walk into L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon and not try a few other things would be a travesty. Here is what I tried on a recent visit: (don't hate me because I eat well)

  • L'AMUSE-BOUCHE - crémeux de foie gras au Porto et son émulsion au parmesan Foie gras parfait with port wine and parmesan foam. If every meal you ever had started out like this you wold never stop smiling.
  • LE CARPACCIO - de noix de Saint-Jacques au corail d’oursin Scallop carpaccio with sea ursin. If there is one dish that can brighten your mood it is this masterpiece with the flavors of the ocean in a bright, spring palate pleasing package.
  • LA CEBETTE - blanche sur une flamiche au lard fumé, œuf de caille « miroir » et asperges vertes White onion tart with smoked bacon, quail egg “mirror” and green asparagus

I should also note that I also had a lobster dish that was siting pretty in a spicy tomato broth with a hint of citrus flavors that reminded me of spring.

L'Atelier is arguably the best restaurant in Las Vegas. If you factor in the the atmosphere the price point and the overall experience. You get a fine dining experience in a casually, comfortable room. A show kitchen and an approachable staff makes this restaurant a can't miss in Las Vegas.

My notes from my recent visit might explain just a bit more about what L'Atelier is:

I sit and I watch the artistry of the staff at L'Atelier and I wish more people saw it. I wish they could see the passion that comes across in the prep work and the way things are put together in the kitchen. If Picasso was working would you look away?

You need to do it!

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