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The Burger Challenge at the PUB at Monte Carlo Las Vegas


8 lb Burger in 45 minutes at The Pub at Monte Carlo Las Vegas
The Burger Challenge at the PUB at Monte Carlo Las Vegas

The Pub Challenge at Monte Carlo Las Vegas - 8 lb Burger

Let me inform you right now that I am in training. I need to get to the point where I can devour an 8 pound burger in 45 minutes. I should point out that I will also need to drink a 32 ounce beer boot in that time but I'm a professional, that should not be an issue. I've been in love with the beer list at The Pub at Monte Carlo for some time but the idea of a massive burger that needs to be conquered is intriguing.

The burger was described to me as follows:
The burger patty itself weighs 4 pounds, there are 10 slices of cheese on top and the bun weighs a pound. The remainder of the weight is made up of tomato, lettuce, jalapenos, caramelized onions, The Pub’s Secret Sauce and a giant pickle on top for garnish.

Really, this should be easy, right? Well, the problem with an 8 pound burger is that it weights 8 POUNDS! However, I already informed my wife that she has to lay off the jokes about me getting soft around the middle. I take my job seriously and this challenge means something. I put a picture of the 8 pound Monte Carlo Pub burger on my refrigerator and I am going to achieve my goal. If this means burgers and beers up and down the Las Vegas strip I'll do it. I'll do whatever it takes. There is a date circled on my calendar and I will break the barrier of my abilities and conquer the PUB Challenge.

Can you do this? Can I do this? If I accomplish this task I or you will get a free PUB shirt and your meal is covered. All you have to do is eat the entire thing in 45 minutes or less without leaving the table.

My training will begin by sitting at the PUB at Monte Carlo and sampling some beers. The list is huge and they have some great tasting options. You can choose from local beers, Old World Beers, American Craft beers or the super fancy Artisan beers and a beer flight will be created to help you ponder what victory will taste like. I might also spend some time in there during happy hour (3-6 PM, Monday - Friday) snacking on $1 Wings & $1 Sliders.

Are you in?

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