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2012 Where To Eat in Las Vegas


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Where To Eat in Las Vegas?
where to eat in las vegas
These are the best restaurants in Las Vegas for this year and I should know because I have spent a lot of time working off the calories. I've also spent a lot of time in every spot there is to eat on the Las Vegas strip. I've eaten everywhere from the super expensive to the dirt cheap. From extraordinary to barely edible, I have eaten everywhere in Las Vegas. I also have the perennial best restaurants in Las Vegas that should give you even more choices for restaurants in Las Vegas. There is some overlap simply because some restaurants are always good.

The Very Best of Las Vegas

The funny thing about my ability to eat is not that I can put away more than most (easily) or that I look real good with clothes on (honestly, naked is not good for most) it’s that I don’t like the idea of foodies or critics. I just like to eat and I like to try everything. So, you can guess that having the ability to eat as often as I do on the Las Vegas strip I am as lucky as you can possibly imagine.

Yes, I eat and drink for a living and it is quite good. I don’t get the term foodie as these days plenty of people have joined the club so as to make the definition seem somewhat blurred. I also rarely agree with the critic who has made themselves out to be the be all end all of what is right or wrong with the dishes that come out of a kitchen. In Las Vegas there is no shortage of critics and personalities who love to talk about food as if they have some grand vault of knowledge and a large readership that is on the edge of their seats ready for them to make or break a restaurant. Blah!

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These are my selections of the best restaurants in Las Vegas based entirely on the idea of having fun, eating well and feeling fine about the price of the meal when I leave the restaurant. While I narrowed down the list to 20 I could easily have included another 15 but I figure you'll go out and explore and then share your favorites with me and then our list will explode to include almost every spot on the Las Vegas strip.

That is the beauty of food. If you had your first kiss at a roadside burger stand there is a good chance that meal is among the best ever.

With these choices there is no right or wrong. Simply, this is the list of the 2012 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas from the palate of a guy who gets to eat, drink, laugh and socialize with a lot of very talented people in Las Vegas.

Enjoy and tell me your selections for the Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

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