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Best Restaurants in Las Vegas


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The Best Restaurants in Las Vegas are...
Best restaurants in Las Vegas
When planning your vacation do you ask yourself what the best restaurants in Las Vegas are? Do you wonder if you can afford the very best? Are you concerned if you can get a reservation at the very best of the best in Las Vegas? Don't worry, I'll help you find the best restaurants and then I'll show you the best affordable restaurants in Las Vegas

Recently, while eating a meal in Las Vegas with a few local foodies I heard the comment, "sometimes it's hard to come across a meal worth telling people about."I laughed because it seems like perhaps I'm the only one eating all the good food in Las Vegas. (Not true, every place I mention on this list has plenty of people in them)

My version of the best is usually a twisted version in the Foodie world simply because I can't see calling a place the best if only the wealthy or affluent can afford it. Instead, I consider what exactly I would pay for a meal.

Journalists (not me) and travel writers (me) are lucky enough to eat plenty of our meals for free. The truth is, it would be hard to thoroughly examine what a restaurant could do without the help of not having to pay for the extra plates on the table. However, just because someone pays for my meal does not automatically mean that I love their food.

I'm the guy who was happy to see the Michelin Guide not come back to Las Vegas. I would hate for everyone to aspire to hold 3 stars from a book that seems to glorify expensive, over priced meals that are unattainable for most Las Vegas visitors. Instead, I would love to see a real grading of restaurants based on good food, atmosphere and the ability to have a meal without spending year one and two of your child’s college tuition.

This list of best restaurants in Las Vegas is ever changing. I'll get plenty of complaints and a few people will tell me I’m crazy, to which I’ll say, "go get your own list of favorites." These Las Vegas restaurants are the best because in my opinion they deliver a quality Las Vegas restaurant experience. My list might be skewed to those things that I love best and they might be prejudiced by a good drink or two. I am lucky enough to eat a lot on the Las Vegas strip so I share the list with you, the Las Vegas visitor.

The list is in no particular order aside from the first 3: Comme Ca at Cosmopolitan, L'Atelier at MGM Grand and D.O.C.G. at the Cosmopolitan. Those three restaurants will always have me coming back for more because they simply have done it right enough times and they deliver what I love.

Are you ready to be tempted? Start your journey through the best restaurants in Las Vegas and then tell me what you think.

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