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Cocktails - Makers Mark Manhattan


The Makers Mark Manhattan is a staple in my life. Sure I love my wife and kids, but I have to honest when I say that I love a Manhattan at any time of the day. This is a drink that says, "I am in control". That is until I polish of my fourth in one hour and then I can't control anything.


  • 2 measure of Bourbon (I am partial to Makers Mark)
  • 1 measure rosso vermouth
  • 1 dash of bitters
  • 1 maraschino cherry


Pull out the shaker and load it with about a glassful of ice, pop in the bourbon and a tiny bit of vermouth and the dash of bitters. Shake a bit, for about 30 seconds. Pour it into a rocky glass and unload the cherry. Now sit down and enjoy the evening.

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